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Archived Post 01-17-2011 09:56 AM

//// Fontana Foundation (RP / Resource) \\\\

>>> IC <<<

* New RP members
* New RP members for staff positions (CMO, Logistics, Maintenance, Intel, others)
* Alliances with other RP fleets

The Fontana Foundation's Borg Task Force has been charged with locating and liberating specific assimilated officers and political personnel. Military, Covert, Research & Development, and many other operations are currently under way. Internal Security, Intelligence and Field Operations on all fronts are also ongoing, so we can always use more personnel and resources.

>>> OOC <<<

* New RP members, writers and Foundry Engineers
* New RP members for OOC operations (NPCs, resourcing, training and coaching, writing)
* Episode writing and hosting for allied RP fleets.

The Fontana Foundation is an RP Resource Fleet that's currently building up our resources to assist other RP fleets within STO. We can provide NPCs, hosting, event officiating (weddings, funerals, award ceremonies, etc.) for any period or style of RP. If you need extra hands, jurors, background characters, even 'speaking parts', we can provide those for you. We can even assist new RP fleets with character building and story creation.

* Check out our Charter and Introduction Page
* Species Database
* News and Info regarding upcoming events
* Links to RP Fleet Allies (contact us if you'd like to be added)
* More...
* Forums are located separately for Fontana members only.

Visitors, Independent RPers and other RP fleet members welcome to visit.

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"Gremlins in the Grapes" - A supply shipment becomes hijacked by small critters that render a starship unmanned and out of control.

"Deep in the Heart of Texas" - The missing USS Dallas is discovered adrift, coasting out of Borg space with no power. The top secret Romulan-designed computer core needs to be retrieved and the crew rescued... if they can be.

"Home Away" - An officer is discovered to be a shapes shifter with no memory of their background or heritage until a visiting starship captain appears with all the answers.

"Her Q-ness" - The headquarters of the Fontana Foundation receive periodic visits from a strange human civilian who some believe is actually a member of the Q continuum. She claims to only want to observe, but her observations and asides hold more mystery and intrigue for the officers she speaks with.

"The Return" - On a mission to retrieve a Borg drone for scientific study into the mechanics of the Collective, a secret is discovered that could change the course of the fleet.

"The Slipper" - A woman appears claiming to be the grown daughter of one of the fleet members. Her stories and DNA check out and she is discovered to be from 23 years in the future. She has returned to look for her as-yet-unborn brother who, she claims, will cause the biggest temporal disaster in history.

"Into the Shadows" - A covert strike team is assembled and charged with locating and interrogating an illusive and powerful alien who assassinated a Federation dignitary.

Intriged...? Want to take part...? Have a story of your own to produce...?

Observe an episode, RP in an episode, Join the Fleet!

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Looking for additional IC RP positions in:



Looking for additional OC RP positions in:

ACTORS (NPC control)


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In-Game -
Send a tell/PM to @MJRigg
Send an in-game mail to @MJRigg

Out-of-Game -
Send an e-mail to


Click on OFFICES OF LUNA 1 - For all the latest news and info
Click on CHARTER to find out what we're all about

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Congratulations to our recent episode "actors" on some awesome RP:

"Great job on the use of your species’ natural thermal vision to help track the presence of the creatures on ship and the suggestion that Lt. Seanik be quarantined in aquatic isolation (recognizing the NPC as a water-breather). Good job!"

"Way to explore other options and use cold to herd the creatures to specific parts of the ship. And, for saving the ship by taking the atmosphere out of the engineering section. A tense RP near the end (save the creatures vs. kill them) added to the tension of the moment."

"The good doctor provided solutions around the clock and used his research to not only help devise a way to stop the creatures, he did so in a way that preserved their life."

"Both strong leaders who, at times, I thought might butt heads. It was great to see the driving force between the two of you and to see you put your minds together and drive together to solve the 'Gremlins' mystery. Kudos to you for investigating the shuttle out of the gate. No one in any of the previous episode runs thought of that."

You can be part of stories like this too! To find out more, contact us or stop by our com hub at the links provided in this thread.

Archived Post 01-26-2011 04:59 AM

We are currently revving up new episodes. Try us out!

Archived Post 01-27-2011 04:11 AM

The last 20 reports from our Communications Hub....

STARDATE 88671.75 — Medals and Commendations up for review in our forums.
STARDATE 88669.68 — Klingon fleet news and information added.
STARDATE 88661.46 — Happy Birthday, S’Kel. “Dallas” String episode launches.
STARDATE 88650.7 — “Gremlins” kudos and birth announcement
STARDATE 88648.19 — Reporter Bendik’s draft of “The Dallas Story” posted on Luna 1
STARDATE 88639.81 — Admiral Sorven Promoted. Com Channel Updated with Staff Officers.
STARDATE 88631.5 — New Staff Officers Posted (See Luna 1 for details)
STARDATE 88620.48 — “Gremlins” Episode posted.
STARDATE 88610.07 — Charter page updated and re-formatted (ALL OUR INFO IS THERE)
STARDATE 88601.22 — Welcome new members / Charter announcement (See Luna 1 for details)
STARDATE 88598.04 — Goals for the New Year
STARDATE 88488.14 — Fontana Uniforms Added (See Luna 1 for details)
STARDATE 88568.19 — RP UPDATE and reminder (Please see Luna 1 for details).
STARDATE 88549.06 — Fleet ranking system drafted.
STARDATE 88546.51 — Admiral Sorven posts PR notice.
STARDATE 88543.54 — The Fontana Foundation welcomes our new commander, Admiral Utherr Sorven.
STARDATE 88541.05 — Engineer S’Kel Beckwith reports on Tribble. Members can visit our forums to read the full report.
STARDATE 88535.8 — Happy Birthday to our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Mitchell Race.
STARDATE 88526.15 — Fontana Foundation Forums open for Member Communication and FRP (See Luna1 for Details)

Task Force Fontana is about to celebrate 1 year of active service! Please join us for the celebration!

Archived Post 01-28-2011 06:03 AM

"Admiral's log, stardate 88680.62. While I'm glad to have Cara back from the ambassador's conference, I'm completely torn apart by the Dallas mission.

"My senior staff are butting heads, shirking my orders -- or at least re-defining them to suit their own strategies... freelancing.

"Jacen's brief report of an op failure now has me wondering if I've made any of the right decisions up to this point. Maybe I should have hand-picked a team of officers from my own crew. S'Lori might have been a great choice to lead this up.

"There's nothing much for me to do now except 'hope'. My only fear now -- obviously besides losing any of my officers -- is the fear that the Dallas and the A.X.I.L. will fall into the hands of the Klingons.

"I hope.... That's all I can do. End log, McFerran, Admiral Syrlia Shenn."

WANT TO BE PART OF THE RP STORYLINE???? ...Contact @MJRIgg or write to

Archived Post 02-03-2011 02:54 PM

A young science officer cadet in the Foundation has been working on a device that will remotely separate Borg drones from the Collective.

The problem is that the device failed on a captured drone now being held aboard one of the Foundation's ships.

Not only that, the drone is a copy of a high ranking officer within the foundation, created when the Borg assimilated the crew of the USS Dallas from a specially-constructed depository routed through the ship's transporter pattern buffer.

Now what?

You too can be part of this story, or bring one of your own. The Fontana Foundation is currently seeking IC roles for ENGINEERS, DOCTORS, BORG SPECIALISTS, FIRST CONTACT SPECIALISTS, SCIENTISTS, SECURITY OFFICERS, and more. OOC-wise, we're seeking FOUNDRY ENGINEERS, WRITERS, NPC "ACTORS", and more.

If you're interested, or want to find out more, check the link below.

The Fontana Foundation is an equal opportunity RP group.

Archived Post 02-04-2011 02:39 PM

For more information...

PM @MJRigg in-game
Write: SyrliaShenn@MJRigg out-of-game
Respond: to this thread.

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