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Archived Post 02-02-2011 10:44 AM

Did this happen to anyone else?
When I logged out of STO last night (I am in US EST, btw), STO patched itself. The release notes on that patch were exactly the same, and it was the same size as the patch the launcher is applying to my game right now as I am writing this.

Did this happen to anyone else? Did the patch change from last night to this morning?

I was just curious.

Archived Post 02-02-2011 10:48 AM

Yeah. The version number changed, too.

Archived Post 02-02-2011 12:33 PM

sounds like pre-patching.

Pre-patching puts files that are close to the final release version onto your hard drive, so that when the final version is released, it can copy them from your HD when it patches instead of having to download them in the rush to update to the new release.

in theory - prepatching helps bandwidth and gets you into game faster after a big update like this.

Archived Post 02-02-2011 12:39 PM

thanks for the reply dstahl. There is another thread going right now with people saying the same thing. Thanks for clearing up the mystery :D

Archived Post 02-02-2011 12:55 PM

So that's what that was haha

Archived Post 02-02-2011 12:57 PM

I think something got screwed up because I saw it pre-patch last night and logged in an hour ago to play but it is downloading again. Definitely not just applying data from my hard drive. I can see the bandwidth being used.

Archived Post 02-02-2011 01:14 PM

Same thing append to me.. Pre patch and then full patch again.. Cryptic just suck at patching and it goes soooo slooow..

Get it fixed

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