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Archived Post 02-03-2011 11:20 AM

Behind The Scenes: Leeta
Check out Chase Masterson's website for a special behind the scenes video of her work to reprise her role as Leeta in Star Trek Online.

Link to the news article.

Archived Post 02-03-2011 11:27 AM

my flash isnt working at the she doing something new or is this a reiteration of holo dabo leeta?

Archived Post 02-03-2011 11:31 AM

It uses quicktime, not flash. For the same reason it does not work on my droid.

Archived Post 02-03-2011 11:34 AM

holy smokes she is looking hot. :D

Archived Post 02-03-2011 11:45 AM

:eek: *Picks jaw up off the floor.*
Has Chase even aged in the last 12 years? She looks stunning.:D

Archived Post 02-03-2011 12:01 PM

My goodness that woman is adorable. I'm glad the folks at STO and she could work things out.

Archived Post 02-03-2011 12:03 PM

Well, I didn't have Quicktime, so I had to install it (I curse all Apple products, because of the Mac, but probably not the way people think. My dad and I were big supporters of the Apple IIgs back in the day, and then Apple decided to kill it in favor of that... hunk o' computing feces, sigh. Anyhoo... lol), and I'm glad I did.

Pretty short video, but was well worth watching. It was cool seeing Chase's video, especially the blooper she did. :D (The whole thing was great, but that was my favorite part.) Makes me want to actually get off my duff and go watch DS9, which is a lot coming from me (I never made it past the first season, because I found it utterly boring and pretty 'un-Trek'.)

Thanks for the news, Rekhan, and thanks, Chase, for the video! :)

Archived Post 02-03-2011 12:53 PM

Just looking at the pics, mmmmmmmm Letta dressed as Orion Slave Girl:D:D

Archived Post 02-03-2011 12:58 PM

Nuff said..

Archived Post 02-03-2011 01:01 PM

from Chase
Chase is glad you folks are enjoying. :) For those of you who don't have QuickTime, you can see a Flash version on Chase's new Facebook page:

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