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Archived Post 02-05-2011 11:05 PM

Little Bank request
Alright, I'll keep this super-short but...

In Champions Online, when you double-click a stackable item, and there are already other items of the same type in the bank vault... they will give you a Yes/No prompt, then automatically stack themselves up; including putting any that won't fit on the stack into their own slot in the vault. That way you can rapidly click say... crafting materials, and they'll fill up your vault in an organized fashion.

For whatever reason, in STO you have to drag-and-drop crafting stacks individually, meaning you have to pay attention to the icons (which are sometimes the same) to try to get anything resembling an organized vault where items of a given type are actually stacked.

It's not the end of the world or anything but... could we please steal this from CO? It just... doesn't make sense to me that STO doesn't have it when CO has since launch.

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