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What did you name your Pakleds, Caitans, Nausicaans, etc?
I'm curious to see what names folks gave to Captains and BOs in species that do not have many names provided in canon. I'm just a bit of language geek is all. :-)

These are the species I'm particularly interested:










I have:
Pakled: Eglindrod (male)

Bolean: Rogg Brennixx (male)

Rigelian: Chishenith (female, about to be added)

Orion: L'Darinus Igren-Rhis Sranagar (male), V'delen Magrisoh Karalsa (female), Vevren Yan D'iolannis (female), Gayla Zh'vrot (female, yes I stole the first name, but if there can be more than one John in the world, why not more than one Gayla? :-) )

Nausicaan: Rhothigaas, Agdarh, Tevrhenet (all male, of course)

Thanks for sharing

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I have a Pakled Engineer bridge officer named Zoom.

Archived Post 02-07-2011 08:53 PM

How Not To Name Your Saurian
I run with a mostly Saurian crew, and I have found suitable names something of a chore to come up with. Most of the time I just take what the random name generator gives me and fiddle with the spelling until it looks vaguely like what the few noncanon Saurian names look like. Given the limitations of the naming options, I just went with a traditional first name/last name scheme (as I believe the game does as well.)

I did put a modicum of effort into naming my alt to the left here. Her name is Lovka Yazhyrsa (pronounced "ya-ZHIR-sa"), which is a heavily corrupted version of "lavender lizard" translated into Russian then transliterated back into English. A little stupid, yes, but it sounds nice and alien and vaguely lizardy.

The following are my Saurian BOs:

Dodeki Choka - Male Sci
Notka Erradeh - Female Eng
Dryptas Razka - Male Tac
Choza Vuri - Female Sci
Inikk Dameh - Male Sci
Mezkan Traki - Male Eng

The only one I really worked on was Razka; he's named after the badass Saurian security officer that saved Riker's bacon in A Time to Kill, while his first name comes from the ferocious Dryptosaurus.

I did have a female Saurian tac on my first alt, though I just left her with the pregenerated name Dacho. Still, she kicked enough ass that she inspired me to fly in the face of reason and pick a female Saurian for my main alt.

I also have a female Benzite engineer alt; thankfully there's a sizable amount of material on them at Memory Beta. I named her Madral, from the geostructure of Dathet. As near as I can tell, it fits with what few Benzite naming conventions supposedly exist in soft canon.

Sorry I can't go into much detail (I've always been terrible at languages), but I hope this is enough to get some of the creative thoughts going.

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Caitian: R'rha'asa (M) & M'Ress (F)

Archived Post 02-07-2011 09:21 PM

Malashenko --I like your thought processes!

Archived Post 02-07-2011 09:22 PM

My Nausicaan is named Jum-Jum :)

Archived Post 02-08-2011 01:20 AM

I made a Caitian tactical captain, just hit Lt. Cmdr. the other night...paying homage to my World of ******** roots, I named him Shirvallah Thekal - Shirvallah being the tiger god of the jungle trolls, and Thekal being his High Priest.

Yeah, it's a stretch, but it sounds good.

Archived Post 02-08-2011 09:04 AM

my nausaicaan captain is named Graaka

Archived Post 02-08-2011 09:07 AM

Caitian- C'ester N'mitz (aka Chester Nimitz)
Gray- Nuvix

Archived Post 02-09-2011 03:58 AM

Caitian = B-Meow
Pakled = Borky Ba-Bork Bork

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