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The Yuuzhan Vong vs Species 8472 vs Tyrannids
Three species who use biotech 100% exclusively, possess powerful psychic abilities, and have an absolute loathing of anything else alive.

So who would win in a slug fest of lets say, 30 ships of comparable size in a 10v10v10 battle royal?

Star Wars' Vong - Whose claim to fame is being invisible and totally immune to the force and beating the **** out of the entire New Jedi Order and live on board the mother-organic ship known as the "Worldship"

or Star Trek's 8472 - Whose claim to fame is being totally immune to the Borg assimilation process (in the cannon version) and similarly, kicking the **** of the entire Borg Collective and live in the matter filled "Fluidic Space"

or Warhammer 40,000's Tyranids - A race who assimilates other life as the Borg do, use bioships as well, and are the brainchild for the Zerg for those who are unfamilar (not adding Zerg to this because they are the red headed step child of the Tyranids) who lives in GOD KNOWS WHERE, and is claim to fame is that...well, look at this picture

yeah their claim to fame is their armies are about the size of our galaxy, or at least insofar as we can see, their columns of troops haven't stopped pouring in from the darkness of space for years.

All seem to have very, very advanced (biological) tech for both universes.

My money is on Tyranids, who do you guys think?

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Vong wins....

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Originally Posted by NemoSD
Vong wins....

Alright TBH in a 10v10v10 I realized nids would probably lose, theyre like the Geth from Mass Effect - the individual becomes exponentially stronger when in the presence of larger numbers, a small group like 10 may be a too little

What about a no holds barred total war with all sides throwing all they had?

I again say nids because they have armies at least as large as the Milky Way itself, but I know little about the Vong in all honesty, just that they scared Luke Skywalker like none other.

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in a free for all it would be the Nids via sheer numbers, as the Vong and the udine have a finite amount.

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the ewoks.

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If they had everything, the Tyranids for sheer numbers (and their Shadow in the Warp would probably affect the Undine).

Even in a limited battle like above, 10 hive ships is enough to constitute a splinter fleet, which is a force large enough to eat one or more whole planets. And also 40K ships tend to be utterly ginormous compared to most other franchises (a Borg cube would be about the size of a small escort vessel in 40K), and hive ships are no exception (there's pictures of them EATING Imperial ships which are the size of Babylon 5 or bigger). So they likely STILL have a numerical advantage. And, the more enemies they kill, they more biomass they have to absorb and thus spawn more troops.

So, still Tyranids. :p

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The Tyranids would have a tasty snack.

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I'd have to agree with Lurker. Tyranid ships are huge.

Although 8472 may have an advantage in that they're adaptable and willing to take a loss to benefit others.

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The Culture make them all play nice.

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