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Archived Post 02-12-2011 09:18 PM

Mine Enemy
I wish I could be first to say good job to the dev's, but since I'm a bit late for that, I'll be number n+1 to say it. It was a lot of fun. The mission was great. Here are my impressions. I'll try to keep them spoiler free, but if you care, play it first (even if you don't care and haven't played it, GO PLAY IT!)


1. They say you cannot beam into the mine, but you can call in security teams. Perhaps that skill needs to be disabled (as well as any others that involve transporting).

2. I liked the class-specific content (I got to go beat up a bunch of jerks :) ), though I wish I were able to actually send people to help the other miners.

3. I did NOT like the civilians that attacked me. They were a nuisance and I really would have preferred a non-violent way to placate them (perhaps some kind of melee only fighting mini-game type thing?)

4. The horta is pretty awesome. I liked the side cave where you can communicate.

5. Intercepted borg transmissions. Nuff said :p

6. Voice acting. I like that you guys are doing it, but it needs some work. The writing is good for READING, but it doesn't really translate too well to verbal. Admiral T'nae kinda sounds like a computer, too many pauses (I realize she's vulcan, just didn't realize she was related to Kirk) and the lines for most of the characters seemed to lack umph (for lack of a better word/onomatopoeia). Janus, however, wasn't bad in the cut scene. The confrontation wasn't quite there, though some parts were good (mostly when you can actually get emotion from it).

7. Janus. The fight was too short to be worth it. I'd rather have not fought her and just confronted her in another way (cut scene where you tackle her and wrestle or a shorter cut scene where you both end up knocking each others weapons away and you have to melee fight her?).

8. Finale. The end was decent. I liked the concept of exploding. Perhaps a timer could be added (even if there is a lot of time)? Here is my proposed "script" for how what I think would have been awesomer:

Bomb activated, Romulan beams out.

Cut scene, you tell your BO to leave (w/ the rescued civilians if you did that) and get to the elevator. They run out, you run up to the console and get the info you need. End cut scene. Timer starts.

Run out (pretty straightforward).

In the last room, another cut scene (sorry, but I really like cut scenes, they add to the intensity than just run up, push "F" and go to a loading screen).

You're running, things exploding all around. As you get close your Boff (who is waiting in the elevator) hits the UP button on the elevator to get it started. The elevator starts moving up slowly. Explosions getting closer. Just as around you starts to go, you jump and reach out, your Boff grabs your hand, but the elevator is starting to go up the mine shaft (faster now). Looking up, the ceiling/elevator shaft wall is coming. Boff pulls and you pull yourself in/roll in (pull up and roll on the side kind of thing) just as the edge passes the door. You're lying on the floor, explosions are heard, the screen shakes, the light goes out in the elevator.
End cut scene

9. I liked in the final conversation with the Ferengi (can't remember the name) that you have multiple things to say, but they don't make/break the conversation (I am reminded of the Vulcan diplomacy mission). It lets you have some fun with letting your character respond the way you want him to without consequences (such as in Mass Effect where what you say could affect your Good/Evil status)

So yeah, those are my impressions. All in all, GREAT JOB DEVS! I really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series!

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