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Omega Galactic Assault Corps
Omega Galactic Assault Corps is recruiting.

We are a well established fleet with active veteran players who love to help out. We have a website, voice chat, and a bank stuffed with goodies to help our players outfit their ships and their captains.

Our environment is centered around teamwork, and we actively seek to help out our members with whatever they need. We have no recruitment restrictions beyond what out posted policies state on our websites main page.

Currently we have a little over 100 members, 10-30 dailies and the rest come and go. Our website is new and so not a lot of our members are using yet. But that will change.

Interested parties can apply in game or at our website.

In game contacts:


Any of us listed will be happy to get you into the fleet.

Happy hunting all!

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Some random fun!
Some "Fleet Action" after an STF. We draw a good crowd!

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