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Archived Post 02-22-2011 12:20 PM

Duoing FAQ or Game Rules Question
I am crossposting this from my post in another relevant forum,,,as the subject matter really pertains to Fed characters trying to accomplish Fed quests on the Fed side...governed by teaming rules. :-)

I am trying to figure out the mechanics of the duoing rules. My wife has a LTC4 and I want to accompany her on her missions in a VA1. I let her recruit me to her team, and choose match team leaders level. Now, while I am in range of her, she shares her quests to me and they come in to me as either a repeat or crossover. We go and start playing together, but the numbers seem way out of whack. Is she getting XP for what I kill or do we only get hte XP from what we kill ourselves? Her numbers seem very small, even trying to account for some unspoken penalty. The game IS giving me the message that I am playing at LTC4.

Answers, FAQ or prognostications appreciated.

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