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Archived Post 02-25-2011 07:55 AM

Infected: a fugazi?
For those who don't know Italian slang or didn't see the film Donnie Brasco, a fugazi is a term equivalent to fake or false.

So what's up with Infected? The Borg Cube objects outside of Captain Ogen's room are shifted to the East so much that a space exists between the left-most cube and the wall. You can not shoot or move through this space. The right-most cube does not render.

The platform in front of the ramp at the final room is completely discombobulated. There is no other word to use; discombobulated is the most appropriate word for how confuzzled the geometry is.

And then there's the boss with her low hit points. Well, that's been commented on enough.

Anyone else having this issues?

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