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Archived Post 02-25-2011 10:02 PM

"Frozen" Pathing
Bridge Officers get stuck at the Barrier when you are entering the Reman Base. And sometimes they disappear at various spots, like going through walls and aggroing Remans or Romulans during the battle phase.

Frozen Bugs:

The doors seem to be goofy where there is a second set of doors which stay closed. Even though you saw the doors opened (This happened in The Vault as well).

Second Bug:

If you don't defeat the Guards and turn off the Field, the Mission is unable to be completed.

Third Bug? That Reman Boss seems to be 1-shotting at times. Not sure if this is because of Episode 4.

I'm currently playing Episode 3, and I'm hearing Obisek saying Lines that obviously aren't part of the first 3 episodes.

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