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Archived Post 02-27-2011 12:40 AM

A Review of Coliseum
When I started it I never expected to be hailed by obesek him self or I had to hail him.
The whole capture thing was quite a calculating Mather it was a nice set up .
I'm not telling to much because off spoilers .
But anyways it was an nice running around like we used to.
I think a little bit off elite force could be no harm that your crew is scanning and pushing down buttons .
But OK for the letter it was very nice touch then when beam out the finish signal you guys really had me there !!! I really thought over already and then boom in the arena o I like the weapon Vulcan one very nice touch .
And those turret moments in the arena very nice cut scene as well .
The canyon and the escape I think what I liked best was the small cut scenes .
And as normal a lot off running around first the MEDS then Running for The cave is still like the Vulcan weapon !!!
And THE END was kinda nerved see the ******* walking over as a puppy than standing there and at the moment they shoot you beam out !!!

Congrats on who worked on this one I will give an 8+ !!!!

Hope to see you around soon greets Jetal

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