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Crimson Task Force- Casual & NonCasual Player
Join Crimson Task Force!

We're a new fleet dedicated to the casual player and the noncasual player.
Want to RP, go ahead!
Want to trade with others, feel free!
Want to do missions with your fellow fleetmates, have fun!
No applications, no huge list of rules, and no toon limits!
Just a group of players that want to trade and have fun!

To join just speak to the Commodore or a Founder, spend a few days in a trial period to see if you fit in :)

As we grow, we might start having events and other fleet based things as the game grows!

WE also have a Klingon side :Crimson Squadron

Look us up and join today!
We want you to have fun and we are here to help!

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Reserved for Future Updates

If Interested, post here with your character@handle and I'll send you an invite.

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