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Archived Post 03-01-2011 09:19 PM

Devidian Series
I was just playing through the Devidian series again with one of my alts, I still say they are all very well done! But, thinking of those episode reruns that dstahl had mentioned, I had a few recommendations for minor alterations/improvements, specifically for "Night of the Comet":

The Slingshot: Nice touch adding it to the mission! I really wanted to go beam up a whale after I was done with it! :D But I was a little disappointed with the effect after completing the slingshot. It appeared that my ship simply went around a star really fast and then went into Transwarp.

My thought is that, after going through the 5th way-point, the screen could begin to progressively change to bright white like in Star Trek IV.

I'm not asking for you to make a cut-scene that features sculptures floating up out of a sea of mist ;) but I think fading to white would be a very nice touch!

Also, we suddenly show up at Drozana Station immediately afterward. It would be nice if we would wind up in the same place we left and say "Did we make it?" and have some brief dialog with your bridge officers where they could scan the region and determine that we did indeed go back to the right time period and then warp to Drozana.

I realize that the goal is to have less map transfers, but I think it would make the mission flow a great deal better despite the transfer.

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