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best tutorials
what are the best tutorials for just getting started...getting the basics up and running?

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Originally Posted by ddommus (Post 3402477)
what are the best tutorials for just getting started...getting the basics up and running?

Go to and have a look under the tutorials tab. Loads of videos to help you :D

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If you want stuff to read, and if I understand that you just want Something That Works to get up and running quick, with little frustration, then some of the posts that helped me the most were:

The Obligatory Post with Dozens of Links to Other Posts You'll Want to Read at Some Point

What Character Should You Play? (for those who just want someone to tell them where they should start)

The Ground Playbook (Something That Works for ground combat, which is the part that most often frustrates people at first)

Exposing Ground Combat (excellent video on choosing ground weapons, with strong opinions on "what works")

Guide to Tier 2 Cruiser (useful even if you don't fly a cruiser, since it's aimed at players just getting their first "real" ship)

Dicta Cruiser (I fly an escort now and love it, but I started in cruisers, even though my main is a Tac; a popular choice judging by the number of people I see in this setup; they're slow as heck, but you will have a hard time getting killed in one, and they'll do the job eventually; this post will give you some basics on how to get the most out of them)

Guide to Successful Premades (focused on hardcore PvP obviously, but lays out some solid space combat archetypes and builds that will execute them; good for helping you think about what role you want to play in teams, and how to play it)

And no set of tutorials is complete without pretty pictures:

Blackavaar's Guide to Canon Colors

STO Graphical Ship Charts by Spidermitch

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