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Archived Post 03-06-2011 08:41 AM

Filbones New Latest First Mission.
Hi all I've finally got enough courage to publish one of my missions. Finished it late at night and it still need a little polish, but hope you in-joy it.

It is recommended as a single play and has allot of RPGing elements. There is an ESD live map objective within it. So keep the mission as your main on your objectives panel or you might get lost.

15-45 Minutes depending on how much you like to read and interact with popups.

The battle is space based. No ground Combat.

And it is a cliff hanger mission.

"Can't Keep A New Suite Clean." By Filbones

Remember all criticism is good criticism. I hope your ruthless...
And I hope you don't hate it...

Major References to Star Trek VI "The Undiscovered Country."

Please Let Me Know if it Boarders On EULA Regulation in anyway so I can Withdraw it and Fix. Cheers...

Archived Post 03-06-2011 08:45 PM

"Can't Keep A New Suite Clean."
I Have decided to make this a prelude mission. Will add on to it as time goes on. Stay Tuned. The whole story has been finished, but am in the process of Recreating it with all the new features.

Still, it is a playable mission with Foundry Author Break Trough's. Check it out. Be prepared for an epic cliff hanger. Well not epic... But worth the Play.

Archived Post 03-07-2011 12:58 AM

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