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Archived Post 03-09-2011 07:57 PM

Major Gamekiller
SFE game mechanics make it incredibly difficult and frustrating to team across various ranks, for example...Cloaked Intentions...started with three fleet members all matched to the lowest level player, all acquired the missions through them being shared by the team leader...when we got to Frozen, 2 others joined WHO HAD REACHED THE SAME POINT and we completed the mssion; yet I, as the mssion holder was the only player to receive any rewards or mission completion; from the original three that started the SFE, 2 STILL HAD The Vault, Mine Enemy and Frozen on their mission lists AS SECONDARIES...what is it about the game mechanic that causes this and how do we avoid it in future?

For an MMO this is truly a perfect game for soloists

But, it's an incredible game anyway and Cloaked Intentions is the best of the SFEs so far

Archived Post 03-09-2011 10:26 PM

I've teamed with people of all sorts of ranks before, and I haven't had this issue, did everyone turn the mission in after finishing it? The only thing I can think of causing this is if you thought that only the team leader needed to turn the mission in.

Archived Post 03-12-2011 03:10 PM

I believe this has to do with the sharing of missions. When a mission is shared it gives lesser credit in star trek online especially if one ahs not completed it before. Getting the actual mission from the contact, or the episode replay console should allow you get get rewards. I do believe the problem was the fact that the mission was shared instead of picked up at the contact/replayconsole.

Archived Post 03-16-2011 07:16 AM

Just a note, sharing missions isn't usually a problem, but for the Vault you have to speak to the guy at Starbase 39, if you enter the vault before talking to him then nothing will count towards your progression. Sharing the mission doesn't mean you can simply enter the vault.

When solo'ing the option to enter the vault won't appear until after you have spoken with your SB39 contact, However when teaming up if one person has already talked to the guy then everyone in the group can enter, whether you have advanced the objectives or not. This can be a bit confusing until you read the quest itself.


EDIT: also Mine Enemy has a portion of the quest which must be completed solo on your bridge, again if they did not do this themselves then they will not be able to turn in the quest.

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