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Archived Post 03-11-2011 11:36 AM

Could we get some more missions please, and quickly?
I hate grinding.. I hate grinding even worse as a Klingon.. Warriors do not Grind...

Really need to get the holes plugged and get some more mission content for Klingons across the board from Lt all the way to Major General. But mostly in the Lt Commander to General. Honestly please lets get some more mossions out for the Klingons during this apparent lull between now and the next "season" and weekly series. Apparently we're looking at a several month lull in content which can't be good, but the Klingons still need content.... period.

Need a d-7/K'tinga with skin textures and detail that looks more like the STMP D07's and the Undiscovered Country K'tinga. ALl that lovely surface detail thats missing which can be done with textures.. Ask any of the guys that used to do models and textures for SFC-II. It's difficult but it can also be done in a short amount of time. And please.. there is a great deal of want for a t-5 K'tinga/D-7

Consider adding the D-5 from Enterprise as a possible additional t-2 battlecruiser hull, and of course the Bird of Prey from the entrprise era would be interesting also. There were also some other fed ships from enterprise which would make some very interesting additions to the game.

I've been levelling up to Klingons and discovering that I'm hetting the grind wall at Lt-Cmdr 2. Star cluster missions can be awefully repetitious and the badge of exploration rewards which for themost part are limited to Uncommon are not that much to right home about considering how long it takes to get them, and the surplus you end up having. There are customers who want to play Klingon but are NOT interested in PvP.

Khemaraa sends

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Originally Posted by Khemaraa_Iron_Hand_KBF (Post 3424885)
I hate grinding.. I hate grinding even worse as a Klingon.. Warriors do not Grind...

Warriors don't complain either, they just kill. Killing too boring? Try more killing.

Archived Post 03-13-2011 12:25 AM

Welcome to the KDF, the unfinished faction of the game.
In addition there are many Feds out there which again and again try to deny us any new content so they can prosper without disruption. You just missed the flame war last year ;). Was an honorable battle.

After beta there were many many good ideas in this fourm for more KDF content other then just "killing" type, but the Devs simply ignored them.

The 6 missions we got shows that there is place of high quality content and I have to admit that I have to thank the Devs and Mr. Stahl for them, as they easily the best missions in the game, much better then the average Feddie mission :).

Archived Post 03-13-2011 04:36 AM

yea, I know about 'em but so far we've only a dribble. and we do have the "way of the warrior" stuff.. but even that gets repetitious. And I'm also getting the feeling from many other klingon players that they're not all that much fun after a while.. and in a couple cases become stupidly difficult difficult for any but the most vetern and experienced of players. STill no Klingon "diplomatic" corp equivelent. And still a lack of PvE content.

I know the content is being made.. but I'd rather see it come in in drips and drabs which would at least keep interest up then some massive big swell foop of content. We have a bunch of star systems in Klingon Space which have NO content associated with them.. How about some patrol missions in those sectors?

ANd we could still use some more ships besides. Feds got thier Multi vector monstrosity... wheres our goodies? Season 2 was supposed to be the season of the Klingons but in retrospect we didn't get very much happening.. Gett'n awfully tired of waiting while the fed side of this game gets more stuff loaded on.

I certainly haven't seen any5thing mentioned as a counterpart to the upcoming craftable delta flyer. We have nothing at all like the Multivector ship. I will note that some things haves been done but we got a long way to go before a Klingon player doesn't have to grind thier way down a well worn groove that every other single last klingon has walked before. Leavlling up my other Klingon toons is hearbreakingly dull.

Archived Post 03-14-2011 04:15 AM

I have to agree with a large part of your comment. Although I don't like the new MVAM so much. Just another goodie for the Feds to spend their money at. Season 2 was a fail as it again didn't followed up to the promise of a full fledged out Klingon faction. The 8 missions we good are very nice, but too few. I don't expect Season 4 to be much of a revelation either, Klingon Tutorial here or there. IMO the Devs are working on the next round of Fed enhancements and the Andorian Warship for C-Store and expect us to use the Foundry for content once it goes live, whenever this will be.

Was hurts me most is that the Romulans should be published this year, that might sign the death knell to the Klingon faction finally.

Archived Post 03-14-2011 06:42 AM

And what really hurts is we are supposed too be PvP faction, but PvP sucks, queues are insane long, and hardly anyone even plays it anymore it seems, so you stuck too grinding D'kel and T'ong nebulas and dailies.

And wondering why o why are there so lil numbers on klingons..

I really DON'T hope that cryptic relies on the community too make Klingon contents with the Foundy, allthough i am really afraid that we have too wait for Klingon contents on the Community and The Foundry before we get some good contents we can sink our sharpend teeth in..

Good side of that is, i have my confedence in getting really good contents from the community as from the developers lately.. (Or is this rather a bad thing, atm i cant deside)

Archived Post 03-14-2011 06:53 AM

Tha bad part is that many people believe we are a PvP Factions, something that isn't true.

Before launch Cryptic said that the KDF would be as fleshed out as the Feds, but cut that statement before release when they realized they could not live up to that promise. So we were PvP centric from start and the Feds still try to put through even if it is wrong :(.

Since then many players have quit the Klingon faction in disgust because of the treatment by the Devs.
The deep split in the community came obvious last year when we gloriously stormed the main forum as the staff resposes in this forum went to 0. Many Fed players tried to put down our slightes desire for more content with hars and brutal words. Since then I know how I have to believe in Cryptic and the Devs in their statements concerning the KDF.

Archived Post 03-14-2011 09:41 AM

The problem is that the Klingon forums are the wrong p÷ace to discuss it, as few to no Devs actually look here.

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