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Archived Post 03-12-2011 05:16 PM

What makes me HATE ground combat
Okay, I was jsut trying to do the mission "Suspect(s)" in Beta Ursae where you board the USS Obsidian andthe crew have gone mad or thsoe with telepathic abilities. The mission was going along fine until I beamed board the ship and started fighting the officers. I had reached a point where my away team was set up well to be able to get trhough gorund combat at a good pace and starting to dread it less and less.

These guys must have ate their wheaties! everyone of these officers took a tremendous amount of beating to take down. I'd get an expose hig my exploid the yheal their shields rinse and repeat about five times per guy.

I made it thorugh nineteen of the 20 to find that I could not find the last one no matter what I tried. I ended up jumping behidn some bosxes and getting trapped there so when I eventually go back I'l lhave to fight all 20 again *picard-facepalm*

So I'm going to walk away for a few hours/days and play something else. I hope that this and other missions like it get some TLC eventually as missions are looked at for remastering or touching up.

Archived Post 03-12-2011 05:59 PM

Well, actually. It's the only mission where this occurs. As such It's well designed. If they were just normal enemies there wouldn't be much of a challenge.

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