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Archived Post 03-25-2011 11:05 AM

Joining PvP Que
I am a little confused about q'ing for pvp. When you do it through the menu system you can only join 3 games.

But if you visit each individual location you can join as many as you like.

It often takes a long time to get into a game, and often many games have 0/7 or 7/0 meaning lots of people want to play but the other side has to chose between just 3 games.

Could the dev team allow us to join as many games as we like in order that people can play as often as possible, instead of waiting a silly ammount of time.

The fact you can visit each pvp location and join the q, but not do it through the menu system does not make sense to me.

Am I doing it wrong, or is it possible to join more than 3 games through the pvp menue?

Thanks all.

Archived Post 03-26-2011 01:18 AM

It doesn't work if you want to queue your entire team (and thus have to use one of the "join ..." buttons), but if you queue alone you can just double-click an entry in the list to bypass the limit of 3 queues.

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