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Archived Post 03-29-2011 05:42 PM

Foundry Sagas Part 2
Ok since the Foundry has gone live on Holodeck, I've started my Artifact saga again from scratch. The first mission, Enjoy your stay at Risa, has been published and is ready for reviews. Any feedback is welcome cause it all helps make missions fun for everyone. Thanks people

Part 1, Enjoy your Stay at Risa by Ulitma_Prime is now Live.

Coming soon Part 2, Paracellsus Sword

Archived Post 04-01-2011 10:20 AM

Part two of the Artifact Saga is now up and running. Paracellsus Sword see's you sent to the Briar Patch in search of the Experimental USS Paracellsus, but things are not quite what they seem!
Like the first part of the saga, part 2 is quite combat heavy, but fills a larger portion of the storyline.

As usual Feedback and suggestions are most welcome. Stay tuned for Part 3, Softly, Softly. Parts 3 and 4 will be a complete change of pace focussing on stealth infiltration and exploration respectively.

Archived Post 04-01-2011 02:47 PM

More than welcome to add it to my list

Archived Post 04-02-2011 06:12 PM

I did that last time with the Foundry on Tribble. No one played my missions though cause new ones would get put out and my post would be lost to the Aether. Stormshade himself recommended making my own promotion topic so it's nothing personal :)

Archived Post 04-04-2011 10:06 AM

Part three of my Artifact Saga is up and running. Softly Softly sees a change of pace from the previous parts of the story. You are sent to the planet Medea in the Vor system to find a Klingon Outpost. There's only one snag, this is an infiltration mission. You can't be spotted and must avoid engaging enemies if possible!

This mission is designed for a shuttle craft. It can be played and completed in any ship, but since I designed it with a Shuttle in mind, for the full effect, I would use any of the shuttle type vessels available.

Part four coming soon On the Hunt sees you and your crew in search of the final artifact. The Klingons are hot on your trail and time is against you. Will you succeed?

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