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Archived Post 03-29-2011 08:20 PM

Dissent Part One now live!
Dissent Part I: Walking in the Air

Part one of the epic five-episode series is now live on Holodeck.

Work hand in hand with a Starfleet Intelligence section chief and a Romulan Senator to uncover a Romulan dissident movement that could threaten the Federation. Your investigation will take you to a pompous Ferengi, a crazy Klingon and a Romulan outpost. This mission is meant for solo Federation players at level 16+

This is a almost completely remade mission from my Dissent series on Tribble.

Visit the blog page at Starbase UGC to check out character sheets and a cool logo.

Check back for more episodes in the series as they get remastered for Holodeck!

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