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Archived Post 04-02-2011 05:09 AM

Suggestion - Less Prompts
Hi, I've just come back to STO after purchasing it last year and playing for about a month. I like what has changed, but I'm not sure if I'll stay and I thought it might be constructive to post some feedback about why.

My biggest gripe at the moment is all the clicking. Whether it's going to warp after completing a mission or beaming back to my ship, I feel like I'm clicking through 2-3 layers of prompts. For example, beaming up from starbase 01:

I click Beam To Ship / Undock.

"This will take you to the system outside where....etc etc". I click Undock.

"Beam to ship - are you sure you want to beam to ship, Captain?". I click Beam To Ship.

That's THREE times I've clicked to do something that could have taken one click.

From a real life perspective, that's poor design. MS Word doesn't make me click three times to print a document. My car doesn't force me through two layers of verification prompts before it starts - it just starts.

From an in-game perspective, I am Captain of a starship whose crew keeps doubting my orders. When I want to beam up I have to confirm that I understand what will happen. When I want to go to warp I'm prompted about what will happen and that the mission is/isn't complete. HELLO PEOPLE, I'M THE CAPTAIN - I'M KIND OF IN CHARGE AND YES I KNEW THE MISSION WAS COMPLETE BECAUSE I JUST BLEW EVERYBODY UP / RESCUED THE HOSTAGES / DELIVERED THE 60 CRATES OF ROMULAN HYPER SPANNERS.

Apologies for the caps, but I find this genuinely frustrating. Please take this as constructive criticism.

Archived Post 04-02-2011 07:21 AM

At the very least they should give us an option to disable confirmation prompts for certain things.

I'd like to auto-loot anomalies and loot containers unless inventory is full.

I'd like to not have to click OK or Cancel when I click the warp button or tell my BO to warp out.

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