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Archived Post 04-09-2011 01:04 PM

5 Mission Story Arc Both KDF and Fed Side.
Just wanted to let everyone know I am finished with my 5 Mission Story Arc.

Federation Missions
KDF Missions

Alert - Locate the U.S.S. Indigo
Recommended Level LC 1
Priority One Message. The U.S.S. Indigo has sent out a distress call and went silent. You have been assigned to check out the Bhea system located in the Sirius Sector Block and report your findings.

Prison Break:
Recommended Level LC 1
We have received a signal from the Orbital Jails around the 5th planet in the Rura Penthe System. Our reports are indicating a large federation build up. They are currently attacking and beaming out prisoners. We do have a small defensive fleet on site, however they are not going to survive long against those numbers.

Call to Glory
Recommended Level LC 1
You are to assist the science officer T'vul in his research of Fluidic Space. Contact him at the Orbital Research facility and assist him any way you can.

Recommended Level LC 1
The Klingon Empire believes that the Federation is now testing the Fluidic Weapons Device in the Trimble System. We need to put a stop to this immediately and gather any information they have acquired on this new energy. We cannot allow any Undine technology to exist in the Federation Hands!

Traitors in the Mist
Recommended Level MG 1
End the Federations Goal to open portals to the Fluidic Space.

I hope you enjoy the missions, I have worked pretty hard on getting them finished and available for the KDF. If you spot an error please PM me I will try to correct any spelling or grammar mistaks.

Shooting through Walls
Some Triggers not activating
Map Markers to small
If you do stations out of order the BO context can be confusing
Some ship become stuck in asteroids or objects in space due to pathing
Minor Spelling and Grammar clean up needed.

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