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Archived Post 04-15-2011 03:03 PM

Mission: Preemptive Strike... GOOD STUFF
Preemptive Strike is a Romulan Front mission. I played it when I had my 30 Days of actual gameplay (before my PayPal said Eff You because I don't have a Credit Card linked to it and decided not to allow me to auto-pay for STO). This was back in December.

Is this possibly the BEST mission in the game?

Okay, let's see what we've got... Romulans that are about to attack the Federation... Investigative Task Force unheard from... Go look into it, then gather with your fleet and do battle. So, you go in, and it starts like most Story missions. You get Squadrons, you get Turrets, you gotta blow em up. You go to the planet, and you can literally AVOID at least HALF the enemy patrols with your lessons from Ninja-like Stealth 101. Then you find... Romulan Weapons. You make a nice little fireworks display for the Romulans to clean up, and you GTFO the planet.

The Fleet battle is the BEST PART. You get your fleet, Head Bizotch Sela gets hers, and you fight. I did this in a Heavy Escort. Just pure fun. I was Never in danger of death, and I even healed the Jupiter Dreadnought a few times. It was a total blast. So, you take out the Scimitar, mop up what's left, and you warp out... FOR SOME OF THE BEST LOOT IN THE GAME.

I chose the Overcharged Plasma Sniper Rifle Mk V. I still use it. It's sniper blast damage is over 100 damage MORE than a normal Mk 12. I hear the Personal Covariant Shield isn't bad either.

This mission is a gold mine. Anyone who does NOT have this loot should really go Replay this mission TWICE to make sure you have both. I give Preemptive strike a 5... out of 5.

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