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Archived Post 04-16-2011 02:55 PM

Foundry Missions by DangerOne

I thought I'd post a note here regarding the Foundry Missions I've been making. Both with the hope that they will gain some notice and that I might explain myself a wee bit!

As of this posting, all my Foundry Missions are done in the TOS time line (my personal favorite period). I plan on continuing with this theme.

My very first mission is "Space Quest" (Fed). It is a very short basic rescue mission. I more or less "cut my teeth" on this one, and used it as basis to learn the basics of the Foundry editor.

My second mission is "The Adventure Incident" (Fed). I am a fan of Zombies, and I just couldn't resist. The characters and ship in this mission will one day be the main elements in a future comic book a friend and I will produce. This adventure is somewhat "tongue in cheek" and some elements may be lost on those not familiar with the concept. It is deliberately humorous...almost as an after thought, I decide to add the four founding members of "Team Awesome" (My Fleet) in the adventure, almost as a "signature".

My third mission is "Space Conquest" (Klink). I wanted to try my hand at a Klingon mission. I decided to make a Klingon version of "Space Quest", but instead of just mirroring the Fed version, I gave it a slightly different spin. I used a bit more of the techniques I have learned. It is short and basic and features a guest appearance of Team Awesome.

My fourth mission is "Yesterdays Doomsday, Today" (Fed). Using even more knowledge gained through experimentation, I made this the longest mission I had created at that point. It's not excruciatingly long, but not short either. "Team Awesome" again makes an appearance, perhaps being a bit too silly (I leave that for you to judge).

My latest mission "Damocles' Mirror"(Klink), I have just published today. This was in response to an overwhelming reception of "Space Conquest". It hasn't been "Thoroughly" play tested yet and may still have misspelled words and grammatical errors...I'll sort those out over time (I am NOT an English major!) This is the most complex mission I've created to date and I wanted to "show off" all the editor skillz I've accumulated. Team Awesome does NOT make an appearance....that may be changed based on input.

A few things I've encountered and have yet to discover a "work around"...

Shooting and targeting through walls and doors....hopefully this will be addressed in future updates...I've just learned to space my "mobs" out a bit more and position them with this "feature" in mind.

TOS costumes on federation ships....I wanted a "tougher" Connie Cruiser, so I put a TOS Enterprise costume on a Fed works alright until the saucer separates! Then it becomes a Galaxy Class. So far I haven't found a Battleship I can use that is hostile to Klingons and won" default to it's original skin due to a special ability.

Timing explosions....I've tried to "time" my explosions using triggers...sometimes it works....sometimes it doesn't....I'll keep working on a fix.

Thank you for you time. I hope you try some of my missions and have as much fun playing them as I've had creating them!

Danger Out!

Oh, and feel free to leave any comments or criticism here if you'd like :D

Archived Post 04-17-2011 11:06 AM

Mission update...

"Damocles' Mirror" (Klink): Refining my grammar and spelling errors....this kind of work is NEVER finished :p

"Yesterdays Doomsday, Today: (Fed): I think my grammar errors are all fixed....but I still have no reviews on this, so I'm not sure (I may have missed some).

"Space Conquest" (Klink): Riddled with "Random Capatization syndrom"....but it's doing so well, I'm gonna leave it alone for now :D

Archived Post 04-18-2011 05:01 PM

Just played "Damocles' Mirror". Fantastic job, and added to my list :)

Archived Post 04-18-2011 05:56 PM


Originally Posted by DangerOne
My second mission is "The Adventure Incident" (Fed). I am a fan of Zombies, and I just couldn't resist. The characters and ship in this mission will one day be the main elements in a future comic book a friend and I will produce. T

Does it have anything to do with this story?

Archived Post 04-19-2011 08:24 AM

I also played your missions "Space Quest" and "Yesterday's Doomsday". Space Quest was short but alot of fun and had a very Trek feel to it. Yesterday's Doomsday was also alot of fun, but there were a ton of pathing issues inside the Doomsday machine. I know that isnt exactly your fault, but that map may need a redesign just for playability. You have have to use several different maps rather than a single multi-story map to get your BOs to work right.

Archived Post 04-19-2011 09:25 AM

Thank you Nagus,

Yep, the map I used for the Doomsday Machine's interior was a bit of a "pain" to work with in the editor, and I expected a few issues with it. I decided to stay with it when finalizing the mission, just for the "challenge" of making it work. I do have plans to redesign that particular segment (map-wise) just as soon as I decide on what map(s) I'd like to use (I welcome suggestions :) )

Also, thank you guys for playing my missions and leaving all the great really helps me with my subsequent projects.

I need MORE TOS starships and TOS compatible backgrounds!

Archived Post 04-19-2011 09:28 AM


Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus (Post 3498164)
Does it have anything to do with this story?

I did indeed enjoy those comics, but alas, not Team Awesome work. We are in the very early design stages of our series (concept art, rough scripts)....we have quite a way to go before we see our books on a Comic Store shelf.

....The release of Foundry hasn't helped my focus either :p

Archived Post 04-20-2011 09:21 PM

Thank you everyone for your ongoing reviews and great feedback!

I have corrected a few more issues with Damocles' Mirror (Klink), As I stated before I am no English major, so the spelling and grammar mistakes that get pointed out to me, I fix immediately!
Thank you for your input Darkops! I hope I fixed all the misspellings you pointed out (I caught a few more myself!)......and it's "Amateur feel", not "Amateur fee"......(sorry couldn't resist! :p)

I was hit by some more inspiration and I am currently working on my next mission....I'm trying to decide if I want to do it "Fed" or "Klink".....

Archived Post 04-21-2011 06:22 PM

I played "Damocles' Mirror" yesterday, and enjoyed it quite a lot. I am an English major, and am proud to inform you that the mission as it currently stands is actually one of the most correct I've encountered in the Foundry, with only a few minor errors I've already forgotten. My compliments to the other proofreaders and to you for taking their advice to heart.

Highlights for me included the exciting introduction, the door puzzle (and its uniquely Klingon solution), and getting to fight Connies in a K't'inga (the latter supplied by myself). More than ever, I wish I could have a bridge crew of smooth-browed TOS Klingons (not "aliens") for this sort of thing.

I left you five stars and an in-game review covering some of the same ground as this one. I'll be playing your other missions shortly. Please write more when you get a chance. Qa'pla!

Archived Post 04-21-2011 06:24 PM

Played "Space Quest" this morning and had a blast. Added to my list :D

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