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Archived Post 04-16-2011 06:02 PM

The Hunt: A Gorn-based Klingon Foundry Mission
I titled mine simply, 'The Hunt'. Project number st-hifpxrhf5 by Carnagefiend.

I would like some feedback on this mission, as I made it heavily story/dialogue based. I attempted to make the dialogue and fights as organic as possible.

It was designed, also, to fill out some of the Gorn's own culture as well as their relationship with the Klingon Empire. I also attempt to partially explain why 'SpecOps' eye covers are available and are called that.

Combat is somewhat, in my mind, toned down. I was going for a natural sort of feel as to the presence of any enemy that is killable.

So, in the end, anyone that loves Gorn (especially with their revamp coming!) and those that want good Klingon missions... I would love your feedback. I hope you all enjoy it and the detail I put into it.

It's part one in a series of four, so if it does well the story shall go on!

Feel free to discuss other Gorn possibilities here if anything I wrote came off as even remotely intriguing. I may have taken a few liberties, hopefully nothing too bad.

((If I may also say so, I'm an English Education major that isn't doing any writing at the moment... so if Cryptic enjoys my storytelling methods... ;) a man can dream, can't he?))

EDIT 1: Removed a superfluous face-to-face conversation, switched it to a subspace communication. 'The Hunt', now with less loading screens!

Archived Post 04-16-2011 08:33 PM

I gave it a try, and I liked it. Intriguing story, I really want to see where this goes. I'm a big fan of world-building myself,and I liked the level of detail you put into the dialogues. The ending is a little abrupt, but presumably because it's just the first act in the overarching story. I liked how the devious side of the enemies was highlighted, it helped to identify with the KDF characters. Overall, it's a well-done mission, with no technical issues I noticed and a suspenseful cliffhanger. Keep makin' 'em!

I'd definitely suggest you go ahead and continue the story. I liked this introductory mission, but it needs the rest of the story to really stand out. And I just need see this cliffhanger resolved . . . I'm invested now! Liked how you touched on how the governments were worked together, that's really something that fleshes out the universe and fits with what's been established.

Archived Post 04-16-2011 08:38 PM

This sounds really fun and will definitely give it a try if I can. I say if I can because my KDF character is not high level so if there is a level requirement I may not be able to for a bit.

Archived Post 04-17-2011 08:57 AM


Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus (Post 3495386)
This sounds really fun and will definitely give it a try if I can. I say if I can because my KDF character is not high level so if there is a level requirement I may not be able to for a bit.

The Grand Nagus? Posting in my thread? Golly :O

The mission seems to be received extremely well thus far, though it only has three reviews. I would appreciate any input you can provide =) I've also been turning around and testing other people's missions for potential ideas, though there's a lot of stuff to sort through.

It's available for any level, by the way, so feel free to run your klink baby through!

Archived Post 04-17-2011 01:16 PM

I'm all about story-heavy missions. Will give this a whirl shortly.

Archived Post 04-18-2011 03:36 PM

Just played and had fun. Sent you a PM with more info :)

Archived Post 04-18-2011 04:57 PM


Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus (Post 3497950)
Just played and had fun. Sent you a PM with more info :)

I'm glad you enjoyed it! And I seem to have made the Nagus List even! I appreciate the needed feedback.

I've listened to yours and other suggestions, and made the alterations. Dukir's moon has had its mobs moved closer for engagement, some Federation mobs were outside the map and were returned to the fight (they may have been responsible for the problem with interacting with Rintak), and the scanning of the Freighters has been altered so that each freighter is its own scan.

Added flavor text for the second freighter. Heavy carbon traces in the hallways = fragged crew. Ouch. But hey, you're Klinks and your officer is at least nonchalant about it ;)

Hope you all enjoy the new changes. I'm working on Part 2. More dialogue and more 'World Building' with the Gorn and their government relationship with the Klingons.

Archived Post 04-27-2011 04:55 PM

I enjoyed it to, had fun and gave it 4 stars. There were really only two things that put me off it.
  1. There didn't seem to be an explanation for how Starfleet had managed to get so far into Klingon territory without detection and interception.

  2. The use of transwarp to get to Qo'noS, which I thought was unnecessary and there didn't seem to be any need for it with Qo'noS being relatively close.

Other than that, the only other thing I can suggest is that you copy all dialog to a word document. Which means it's backed up and this will also make it easier for you to spell check.

Thanks for the mission recommendation, I liked the characters and look forward to the next part. Keep me updated! :)

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