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Archived Post 04-16-2011 11:19 PM

IMPORTING MISSIONS from Tribble petition thread
*original post message*
I have made a few Tribble missions. Now that the foundry editor is in release do I have to import my Tribble missions to the Holodeck editor in order for Holodeck players to be able to see and play them?

When logged into Holodeck, create content, the lis is blank .Clicking import shows a blank list also, I certainly hope I won't be forced to recreate them all piece by piece on Holodeck server!

Some one please tell me, can i locate my tribble files and move them to a folder someplace in my game directory and get them to appear, I hope?

Ok not long after posting this originally I was told there is no way to import Tribble made missions to Holodeck, so I would like to make this thread more of a petition to have a Tribble to Holodeck importing process added to the game. I believe there are a few valid reason why this would be handy.

Firstly have you seen some of the half arsed mispelled content being put on Holodeck server? And the one that takes the cake for me is the 4 star mission made just to level up, with no end! There should be a more controlled ratings environment. Start them on tribble have them pass player review, after passing a entry review by dev's, or specially assigned player gm reviewers, or somethign like that.

Secondly remove the clutter and half made missions form the list on Holodeck. Things like "dont play in test stage" as mission descriptions would certainly be better off on Tribble.

Any and all who share this point of view, or not...please post it to this thread!

Archived Post 04-17-2011 12:00 AM

I'm pretty sure just about every Foundry author who did something on Tribble shares your point of view.

Unfortunately one of the Dev team said that there is no way they could get it to work due to the differences between Holodeck and Tribble. I don't recall the exact dev post, but it was right around when the Foundry went to Holodeck and explained it fairly well, even if it wasn't what anyone wanted to hear.

Archived Post 04-17-2011 02:02 PM

It was also clearly stated from the very beginning that Tribble stuff would not transfer to Holodeck. Even before they put it on Tribble.

Archived Post 04-17-2011 03:02 PM

Fair enough, thats what I get for not being a forum nerd, constantly buried in some text to make sure im an authority on everything so I can be better than anyone else.

Welp, I just wont waste my time. Let them keep allowing crap missions to be favored due to fleet allegiance, and anything else. As a 1st issue lifetime subscriber (something else I feel they shouldnt have re allowed, and at a discount!) just feel genericly cheated in many ways. SO ill just leave the game alone for a few months, not like theres anything I havent done yet, and heck Im paid up for life, and find soemthing else to play. Maybe when I return theyll have a sorting system worked out for missions that is actually reliable and have a way to keep the trash missions and things marked "test dont play me" and "Klingon leveler mission no end!" off the lists of available ready for review stuff. Hopefully theyll even have something like *gasp* a way to captain and crew your ship with players at the stations each performing thier respective jobs (sci med tact engin, ect) in a co-op manner from within a ship v/s.....pvm-pve or even pvp.

Ok so theres my rant, and im not going to do it again for, a few months so make what you will of it. Far as Im concerned like it it anyway! G'day all!

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