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Archived Post 04-17-2011 09:08 AM

Team members not staying in same instance
I'm working with a friend and we are trying to take on missions together, but we keep being in different instances, or we show up in two different versions of the same mission. Either way, he is constantly changing instance so that we are in the same instance (And when you do that, it knocks you back to Sol or near Sol so he has to go all the way to Koolhas AGAIN)

Worse, it seems that some missions anyone and everyone can join my mission (And then, because they are much more powerful than I, the enemies ramp up, blow me to smithereens in two shots, and then the other players take all the spoils.)

I just made Lt. Commander, and we are trying to finish up my friend's last levels together so he can get to Lt. Commander as well. Staying together is really hard. We are in the same fleet, and the same team... are we doing something that prevents us from staying together?



Archived Post 06-08-2011 07:46 AM

Yeah i'll +1 this because this really is ridiculous!! You enter with friends and get put in seperate instances! No reason for it. Its entirely ridiculous. Also, as said. You should have an option to prevent others from joining and affecting the strength of your enemies! Thats basic gameplay!

Lets forget about new content and fix the content you have please

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