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Archived Post 04-21-2011 02:36 PM

Are there any non-combat story driven foundry missions?
I thought the foundry would change things.

I was growing very tired and annoyed by all the combat heavy missions in STO and was hoping to do some well thought out non-combat story driven foundry missions like Conjoined (only one short battle in it).

Non-combat missions would a much needed relieve from all that pew pew that we got from cryptic so far but I can't find any more non-combat foundry missions.

If there are any please tell me. I would like to play those and review them.

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Its got a little combat in it, but "Black Boxes" by Patarival has a really nice story driven theme :)

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Originally Posted by The.Grand.Nagus (Post 3503470)
Its got a little combat in it, but "Black Boxes" by Patarival has a really nice story driven theme :)

Thank you Nagus.

I am going to give it a try. :)

This would be a lot easier if cryptic would add a search filter for low combat, story driven, non-combat etc. to the foundry search engine.

Archived Post 04-21-2011 02:54 PM

Technically, all of the ground combat in my mission is optional. But you'll need to explore the dialogues to avoid ground combat, either luck out on a password sequence or recognize it from Star Trek canon, and then sit back for the final battle and steer clear of any combat that does happen, sitting back and watching it for several minutes.

I have successfully completed my mission multiple times without ever engaging in ground combat as a test. That isn't to say there aren't enemies but you can avoid them or let friendly NPCs handle them. (I'd recommend helping out if you want to shoot for the accolades though.)

The space combat, meanwhile, is not optional but takes a couple of minutes.

EDIT: So my mission could be pretty heavy on ground combat or very light depending on your actions and willingness to ignore hostile NPCs and close reading of the dialogues.

Archived Post 04-21-2011 03:05 PM

"Drawing Proof" by myself is non-combat.

It's sitting around 4 stars last I checked but it is a bit of a talkie mission (with peace talks!) that sets up the following mission (which has some light combat).

Archived Post 04-21-2011 03:21 PM

I'm working on one that is almost all diplomacy and non-combat. It's going to take weeks to finish, due to lengthy amounts of dialogue, complicated triggers, and puzzles. I believe that as more authors discover tricks with branching dialogues, branching triggers, and how to create more complex puzzles, we'll see an increase in diplomatic missions. It makes sense that we have so many combat focused missions in the time period that people are learning the toolset.

Creating these types of non-combat missions is an uphill battle compared to dropping a few squads of enemies on a space map and pressing the publish button.

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Originally Posted by Kirkfat (Post 3503522)
Creating these types of non-combat missions is an uphill battle compared to dropping a few squads of enemies on a space map and pressing the publish button.

It is difficult.

People say these missions are short in the reviews but, while you create them, they're voluminous. Even simple things like the Peace Conference in "Drawing Proof" or the data PADD puzzle in "Bulldog Days" took a lot of writing. I even copied some dialogue for the branching Peace Talks but still had to give each tree a slightly different flavor based on who you sided with (whether the Vulcan Elders or the Separatists).

That and nobody caught the half-dozen easter eggs in "Bulldog Days."

+1 internets if you caught the general theme of the easter eggs in "Bulldog Days" :)

Archived Post 04-21-2011 04:14 PM

I am glad to see that there are non-combat missions.

I just played through Black Boxes which was an awesome mission. The space battle at the beginning was optional which was a nice touch.

The story was well written and thought out. There was such a great atmosphere aboard my ship with all the easter eggs as I would call them.

My crew felt busy and real. I gave it five stars.

Only two little nitpicks though. The Imperial-class was called a Defiant-class by my science officer at one point and the Imperial-class was actually a Typhoon-class. Perhaps that was just a foundry bug or limitation of said engine.

I am looking forward to part 2.

There were crewmen wandering/walking around. How is that possible? I was never able to reproduce that on my work in progress foundry mission.

Thank you all for the replies. I am going to check out your missions.

Archived Post 04-21-2011 11:01 PM

Try Plato's Grandchildren and, part 2, Plato's Requiem. Heavy on the story, slightly more combat on part 2.

Archived Post 04-22-2011 12:06 AM

Both of these missions have a very small amount of combat where it's appropriate for the story. I highly recommend both of these missions:

Uplift by Walshicus & Parallel Intersections by Foxrocks

You can find a number of other high-story/low-combat missions in my mission review thread. The OP has a list of almost all of the missions that I've reviewed.

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