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Archived Post 04-22-2011 07:18 AM

=/\= The 2nd Fleet =/\=
The 2nd Fleet, Second to None!

We are a military based fleet made up of players that enjoy playing Star Trek Online
combat missions, diplomatic missions, fleet actions, daily missions, PVP, STF's,
or just chatting on TS3 or Mumble Voice.

If you are not very active on Star Trek Online this is not the fleet for you, but if you like to join a
community of players who have banned together because of their love of
Star Trek and plan to be online playing the game at least once or twice a week
then visit our website and fill out an application today, or talk to one of our members

Visit us today at or

The 2nd Fleet was formed in the wake of the retirement of the Galaxa Union Fleet.
If you decide to join us you will have 48 hours to register on our website or you
will be removed from our roster.

Our rank structure can be found here "Ranks Page" and here "Rank images" .

Thank you

Archived Post 04-22-2011 11:04 PM

Nice thread. now if we can try to keep this on the front page so people looking for a fleet knows that we are active might join.

Archived Post 04-23-2011 07:11 AM

Fleet Rank URLs for Signatures
The following are URL links to the images for The 2nd Fleet Rank structure, these are to be used in fleet members signatures:

Grand Admiral:

Tactical Branch Admiral:

Operations Branch Admiral:

Sciences Branch Admiral:

Tactical Fleet Admiral:

Operations Fleet Admiral:

Sciences Fleet Admiral:

Tactical Admiral:

Operations Admiral:

Sciences Admiral:

Tactical Vice Admiral:

Operations Vice Admiral:

Sciences Vice Admiral:

Tactical Rear Admiral:

Operations Rear Admiral:

Sciences Rear Admiral:

Tactical Commodore:

Operations Commodore:

Sciences Commodore:


Archived Post 04-23-2011 07:12 AM

Future Use
Reserved for Future use!

Archived Post 04-23-2011 10:04 AM

good idea on signature, but you do realise the first suggestion of having members post on here is going to be like pulling teeth? people seem to have a problem with registering on website. thats hard enough. i mean seems like this game has alot of people thats IQ falls below 12. lol quack quack

Archived Post 04-24-2011 08:00 AM

last night the 2nd fleet entered a tornament of pvp. participants for the 2nd were Testla, alan, and yours truly quack. the other fleets that were in attendance were legion of legends, the 3rd fleet, 2nd fleet, 12th fleet, 106th fleet, 77th fleet, the winners of the event were the 106th, the 12th came in second and we the 2nd came in 3rd place. after 8 and 1/2 hours of combat. our fleet won 3 million energy credits. congradulations to the 2nd and all our participating members.

Archived Post 04-24-2011 11:35 AM

Career Path URL's for Signature Blocks
The following are the URL's fleet members should use in their signature blocks to get the additional images needed for the fleet standard signature block.

Archived Post 04-24-2011 08:19 PM

im still licking my wounds. congrats to tesla on stepping up to help the radio station with the event.

Archived Post 04-25-2011 10:21 PM

Houston we have a problem!!!!!!

Archived Post 04-26-2011 07:59 AM

Signature Block Format
There are two signatures that you can use the first is the same image that I have for my signature currently, the second is a slightly more complex signature that denotes your rank.

A.) The Image Signature

1.) Cut and paste the following code into your signature block.


B.) The Text Signature

Read through the text and replace the following words with the associated URLS that have been provided in previous postings.

1.) "YOUR NAME GOES HERE" < replace with your primary character name

2.) "YOUR FLEET TITLE GOES HERE" < replace with your official title in the fleet (example: Tactical Fleet Admiral)

3.) "YOUR HOUSE TITLE GOES HERE" < replace with your official title in the house.

4.) "YOUR FLEET RANK IMAGE GOES HERE" < replace with the URL that is associated with your rank/title

5.) "YOUR HOUSE RANK IMAGE GOES HERE" M replace with the URL that is associated with your rank.

If you have problems send me a PM.

The actual code for the text signature block follows:

[b][color="White"][url=""]YOUR NAME GOES HERE[/url][/color][/b]

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