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Archived Post 04-24-2011 12:08 AM

Who's the Kai?
For those that don't know the Kai is the main religious leader of the institutions of the Bajoran faith.

The question is assuming there isn't an official STO/Cryptic Kai can there be an unofficial foundry Kai?
With a name, history and details set in a WikiUGC page with asset sharing details to be included so that anyone who wishes to involve the kai in their foundry missions can do so fairly easily.

Is this a good idea? or not?

Also what attributes would you reckon be in a 2409 Kai? Considering membership in the federation.

Archived Post 04-24-2011 01:25 AM

the official kai is, believe it or not, Kira.

Now i assume its the one we know from ds9, and not just a namesake.

Archived Post 04-24-2011 01:32 AM

Think about it that makes perfect sense she worked with the emissary and he is now a prohet she was chosen by the phrophets to be there vessel in reckoning i dont think there has been a better and more touched bajoran

Archived Post 04-24-2011 02:01 AM

I have heard that Kira was the Kai but I can't seem to find any official mention of it. I did an advanced google search and couldn't find anythingon the website.

Archived Post 04-24-2011 02:54 AM

it is mentioned in the temple offering mission on ds9.

mentioned here as well;

Archived Post 04-24-2011 03:34 AM

It's mentioned in-game and the Path to 2409, if I recall.

Kira is Kai.

Archived Post 04-24-2011 04:37 AM


Originally Posted by Darren_Kitlor
It's mentioned in-game and the Path to 2409, if I recall.

Kira is Kai.

But is she Kai Kira, or Kai Nerys?

Archived Post 04-24-2011 05:50 AM

I believe the reference was to Kai Kira.

Archived Post 04-24-2011 05:56 AM


Originally Posted by PodSix
But is she Kai Kira, or Kai Nerys?

Bareil Antos -> Vedek Bareil
Winn Adami -> Kai Winn
Kira Nerys -> Kai Kira

Archived Post 04-24-2011 07:46 AM

Personally, I'm not sure it makes a whole lot of sense it's Kira, but that's what Cryptic decided and it's their game.

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