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Archived Post 04-28-2011 10:15 PM

Map Transitions
Hey, i am having trouble with my map transitions?
Here are my details:
First i appear on Earth space dock, and i need to go to another ship. (i view the map under story and nothing happens)
if i view my bridge map under maps, i am already there and i need to go and talk to a contact in his ready room on the bridge, and i have the spawn parts, and contact parts already on the map.
But i cant enter his ready room?

I need some help, please?

Archived Post 04-28-2011 10:25 PM

I want the Character to go from ESD to my Spawn place on the Bridge, then to my Contact in his ready room then back to the first contact part.

They problem is the map transition?
What do i put in the Grant Mission dialog box?

Thanks for the help.

Archived Post 04-29-2011 07:11 AM

To cause a map transition to occur, simply add the next objective to your story on another map. When all the objectives on the first map have been accomplished, then the Foundry will automatically cause the map transition dialogue to pop up. You'll see the transition dialogue in your story as well after you add an objective on a different map (I agree the system is not immediately intuitive).

As for the ready room, that's because the Foundry bridges are bugged and have invisible walls blocking access to the ready room from the bridge. I believe the generic (Miranda) bridge has a working ready room. Galaxy bridge is blocked by an invisible wall, I believe most of the others have doors that won't open. So if you want to access the ready room try using the generic bridge.

Here is another possible work around using the Galaxy bridge. Place a wall just slightly in front of the door to the ready room, in order to block it off (you'll want to put it as close in a possible while still having it cover up the old wall, so you don't lose a lot of space). Then put a door 07 opening onto the bridge from the ready room access hallway. This will basically give you a little area inside the "end cap" where you can put a desk and a console or two and use it as a little ready room.

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This video may help you.


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Originally Posted by Kirkfat (Post 3515126)

This video may help you.


Kirkfat's videos are AWESEME tutorials! Highly recommended! (and Thanks, Kirkfat!!!)

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