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Archived Post 05-09-2011 07:40 PM

Emotes I'd like to see in Store
A moonwalker emote
Madonna/MIchael Jackson crotch grabs
Shadow boxing emote
A talk to the hand emote
I'll drink to that toast
a drunken slob emote for late nights at the club

A little silly I know but fun none the less

Archived Post 05-10-2011 08:58 PM

LOL .. nice!

Here's a few of my own:
  • Throwing something
  • Fast draw from a holster, cowboy style
  • "Hand" gun made using your finger and thumb. Saying "Bang bang... I got you!"
  • High five
  • Karate Kid style jump kick, with the character screaming "No can defend!"

Archived Post 05-10-2011 09:06 PM

The Nerve Tonic dance would be a good emote for the C-Store. I'd buy that for 20 Tokens.


Archived Post 05-14-2011 07:23 PM

I want a "not good enough damnit, not good enough" emote for dealing with all those annoying people whinning about their timeline being the "right" one.

Archived Post 05-15-2011 09:16 AM

/em tribble_juggling

That is all.

Archived Post 05-15-2011 10:56 AM

not bad
we made a list back in the day, search for it, my fav was skipping...

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