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Archived Post 05-10-2011 11:50 AM

Recommended Foundry Missions Sticky?
Looking around the internet I've not found much even in the way of informal info on playing KDF and with my Klingon alt around lc5, I'm not entirely sure what would be worth doing. I'd really like to have a thread where people post suggestions on fun foundry missions to play and general suggestions on things to do. So, any ideas? I've only done those sorties alpha and beta a couple times and am not sure I want to do them anymore.

"Sins of the Son," which was ok I guess. Fairly generic space-ground-space groups, except for a chief medical officer who could heal himself from next to nothing to full almost instantly. It took a long time to get lucky with all the right criticals from my away team to take him down.....

"Jail Break" was more fun, space then ground with good environments and dialog at the end.

"Red Omens" is a short setup for more episodes. It goes for a slight horror vibe, which isn't what you'd expect from Star Trek, but was well made with excellent use of environmental effects.

Archived Post 05-11-2011 06:23 AM

It sounds like a good idea to have a sticky of recommended KDF missions for I have spent my time in some pretty poor ones....I have been thrilled at some...the German ones I have played...a few have been EPIC.....

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