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Oberth? Oboy :(
I just paid 800 atari tokens for the Oberth class science ship in the C-Store... just because I was kind of tired of playing with the default ship until I level up to leutenant commander... 800 atari tokens and this science ship has less than half the crew, and one extra science console slot... everything else is exactly the same as the default ship I got... can u say RIPOFF? I can't buy anything else because it's all for rear admiral or higher... what about the new guys?

Anyway, just warning any new people before u spend money on that Oberth science ship :(

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I don't get it did you not read what you were buying? Did you expect an I win button????

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You tell me... does it say in C-Store it only has 80 crew where my newb ship has 200? Oh and by the way, I can do about a dozen more customizations on the newb ship and hardly any one this one... it's NOT worth 800 atari tokens...

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Originally Posted by Renothian (Post 3539380)
II can't buy anything else because it's all for rear admiral or higher... what about the new guys?

Most people don't want to buy stuff unless it's usable at endgame, so there aren't many options at T1.

There are however the NX and Constitution. The stats can be seen here:

Standard Light Cruiser




... and no, none of them are awesome. They're tier one, if they were they'd be broken and have to be nerfed.

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First used by Starfleet as a science ship and scout vessel in the late 23rd century, the Oberth class was phased out of service before the Dominion War. Recent improvements in modular ship construction and shield design have made the ship design viable for Lieutenant-rank missions. The Oberth has three weapon slots (2 fore, 1 aft) seats for three bridge officers (Ensign Engineering, Ensign Science and Ensign Tactical) and space for four console modifications (1 Engineering, 2 Science and 1 Tactical). It carries a crew of 80, and has a Enhanced Plasma Manifold console. This universal console may be placed in any console slot and when activated provides a short-duration increase to auxiliary and shield power levels, as well as repairing disabled auxiliary and shield subsystems. The Enhanced Plasma Manifold can be transferred to any other Federation vessel. Note: Purchasing this ship from the C-store unlocks it for all Federation characters on an account.

Quoted from
Highlighted shows what the in game stuff is, including the 80 crew members.

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The ship is essentially a starter ship, flavored for early Science officers. It has all its stats listed on it's info page in the C-Store, both on the website and in the in-game store description. So it pretty much is for "the new guys", so to speak.
Not quite sure what you were expecting from the Oberth, of all things. So, yeah.... not anyone else's fault that you didn't read about what you were buying.

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Ok, I did somehow miss the one line that did say 80 crew, sorry about that mistake... but compared to my original default starting ship in the game, yes shoot me, I did still expected a LITTLE more for 800 atari tokens, but I will not only read more carefully, I will ask for opinions first too, no worries...

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For what it's worth, you have my sympathies. That's a lot for a starter ship. Plus, it was never that spectacular in the shows, either.

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