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Archived Post 05-17-2011 02:12 PM

The watcher war begins: "Shattered Peace in the Mirror"
The Watcher War, a 13 part series written by myself and my daughter AR1973 have been working hard to bring you the first two episodes this week. The first is up "Shattered Peace in the Mirror". You play two roles in this and many missions, between two dimensions, The Prime Star Trek Universe and the Universe of the Peace Keeper Alliance. Two realities thrust upon each other with opposing ideas on how to keep the peace find themselves on the brink of a war that could threaten both, if not all, realities. And in the background, the Mysterious Watchers, draw their own plans from between the borders that separate other realities. But who's side are they one, and what are their plans? and what is your role in the events to transpire

We decided to take on a unique approach to UGC storytelling, making the worlds more dynamic and interactive. from time to time we will be upgrading the missions so their is something new for you to experience should you want to try it again. You also play two roles, that of your prime self and your Peace Keeper counterpart. The consequences of your actions become close and personal with every choice you make, and you begin to unravel a mystery that will decide the fate of both universes.

Word of waring. The mission is heavy and intense. Battles and encounters are intense, and lots of branching dialogue and puzzles for you to enjoy and solve, and deep personal plot that we both hope will leave you with a rewarding experience.

Look for Episode 1: "Shattered Peace in the Mirror" available now.

Have fun and let both me and AR1973 know what you think.

Archived Post 05-20-2011 12:41 PM

Part two will be out tonight. If you haven't played "Shattered Peace in the Mirror" Go right ahead or it may confuse you a little. Thanks for the good reviews to those who played it, got a good grin from my daughter :D

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