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peace treaty with the Klingon Empire
I think it is time to end the war with the KDF and for us to unite against the real threat of the Borg and Undine. With this spirit of peace in mind, In one week from now I am inviting all the leaders of the Fleets for a peace treaty signing ceremony. The Peace treaty will acknowledge that the Federation was wrong for condemning the Klingon invasion of the Gorn and other worlds and races. This Treaty also acknowledges that the Klingon will keep any territories they have conquered. It also acknowledges that the real threat to both of our races is the Borg and The Undine. This treaty also says that all fighting and hostilities is to cease between both races effective upon signing of the treaty. This Treaty will make deep space k-7 a headquarters of a joint Klingon and Federation task force whose goal will be to protect and stop and Borg and Undine threats. If you wish to send a representative to this treaty singing please post in this forum thread or pm me and as time draws nearer I will be sending out the date and time and meeting place for the treaty signing, Glory to the Empire and Long live the Federation. Each house and fleet may send two representatives.

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Peace treaty with the Federation
redacted i was unaware this thread was posted twice

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Be careful, posting the same thread twice might constitute spamming and get you in trouble.

What I would like to see is a move to a Cold War between KDF and Federation. There can still be tons of border skirmishes justifying PvP and all the existing KDF and Fed missions. But considering that the war is moving so incredibly slow (more than a year of fighting in the same sector with no advances or fallbacks?), and provides more opportunity to also include Feds and Klinks working together.

Maybe the war is not quite as cold as the war was in TOS, but it doesn't have to be a full-on hot war either.

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Yes thank you for the heads up i have reposted my thread in the Klingon section, I was just trying to advertise to the Klingon side this peace treaty we really should untie against the borg and undine since the Undine have infiltrated both sides anyway. It is time for peace and let the call for peace ring out to all The Federation fleets and the great Klingon houses.

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Originally Posted by MustrumRidcully (Post 3549573)
Be careful, posting the same thread twice might constitute spamming and get you in trouble.

A good point. But you know, in this instance, I kind of support the OP having one version of the thread in the Federation Gameplay forum. And one version in the Klingon Gameplay Forum.

It fits the topic you know?

Like the Klingons can talk about Klingon ideas for how a treaty can happen. The Federation can talk Federation ideas. And then you can see the different perspectives.

I think it'd be fun. And well within the spirit of the two forums and what they're about.

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that is exactly the reason why it is posted in two different forums it is time for peace, and all Klingon's and Federation players out there need to heed the call for peace and unity I hope all the fleets send at least one representative. Besides it is not like I am spamming and the thread is posted in two different forum threads.

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What a foolish notion. You think the KDF weak? We have taken on all threats at once. We have not lost ground, but gained ground. You would sacrifice our forward momentum for an illusion of peace with the Federation? That's what it would be. Those blind idiots stumble around but do not grasp the reality of the threats around them. And while trying to safegaurd our planets and interests they get in our way, it is they that need to come groveling to us.

I wouldn't even consider the notion you suggest here unless maybe the Federation cedes all control of the Neutral Zone and Pi Canis to the KDF. Maybe then there would be something to gain, if the Federation showed they were truly interested in stopping this conflict.

Archived Post 05-20-2011 05:14 PM

We as the federation truly wish to stop this conflict as such we feel only the great Klingon empire can defend the pi-canis sector block as such we are willing to cede control of the pi-canis sector block to the great Klingon empire, we do not think the Empire is weak, indeed the empire for saw a threat a great threat before we did. Indeed it is of vital importance that we unite as one against the Borg and the cowardly Undine as for control of the neutral zone we are willing to negotiate for control of that block, we can negotiate the treaty here in the forums and than we can agree on where to meet to finalize the treaty. I await a response

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the negotiations are beginning in the mean time I encourage all Federation fleets to spread peace and back the idea of a peace treaty we will have to make sacrifices but at least the war will be over and we can focus on the real threat of the Undine and the Borg.

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I certainly hope for the sake of making the future interesting you are a better warrior then a diplomat. :p

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