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Archived Post 06-03-2011 11:24 AM

Masters of War Episode 3 & Series Update
As I've run out of slots for creating more content, until the solution arrives, I've decided to "remaster" some of the original episodes. Thus far, Episode 1, Vengeance, has been remastered. See below for details.

Changes E1P1
DS9 Space and Interior remastered
Vulcan Space remastered
Travel- remastered-(For players time/loading screens etc. travel is now more "direct")

Changes E1P2
Planet Vulcan- Ground (spawn relocated, added informational tidbits)
Starbase 24 Space-remastered

Changes E1P3
ESD Space-remastered
ESD Interior-minor addition
Disruptor Bombs-remastered

While the storyline remains the same, the additions made should enhance the experience.

Masters Of War-Apocalypse

Masters of War - Apocalypse
Episode 3- is now live.

Description-The Klingon Empire has been thrust into civil war. The lines have been drawn. Will you be able to bring the Empire back from the brink of destruction? Find out in Masters of War- Apocalypse.

Levels Allowed-All

Author Notes-Masters of War-Episode 1/Vengeance and Episode 2/Aftermath should be played prior to Apocalypse for continuity. As well, Apocalypse is recommended to be played in succession for maximum enjoyment. Masters of War is a work of fiction and should be treated as such. While trying to stay within the Star Trek "mantra/canon" some content may stray, but that is the wonder of imagination and or entertainment.

Other Notes-As usual, all Masters of War episodes start from within the Great Hall of Qo'Nos, upstairs in the Chancellors Hall, SIDE DOOR to the right. (Up the ramp to Chancellors Hall and hang a right) If you're playing the parts in succession, the end of the mission will drop you at the Side Door and allow you to continue from that point immediately. Each part's "beam up" dialog is labled for the appropriate part.

Campaign Episodes-
Masters of War -Apocalypse/E3P1-(Part 1) Project ID:ST-HMJLEQLI3
Masters of War -Aftermath/E3P2-(Part 2) Project ID:ST-HFNQR4PWQ

Known Bugs-When speaking to Bridge Officers, may default to Tactical or Science Officer. Hopefully Cryptic will fix soon.

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