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Archived Post 06-04-2011 09:54 AM

Enemy Spawing in Fleet actions
I know the idea of fleet actions, at least during space portions for most, and ground portions for some, are supposed to be groups. Regardless of if it is soloing Starbase 24 or doing a group ground mission, the enemy respawn is insane.

You can at times be half way getting through a group, and then before you kill the last few that exact area can respawn with a full compliment again. It is crazy even at normal difficulty settings and many i have talked to agree. I know that you are planing changes to ground combat with the Season 4 Release July 7th, so i hope this issue will be adressed then, maybe even sooner if possible.

Either way, the game is getting better and better and i am glad to see that you are doing your best to balance everything, however this has been an issue I have noticed since i did the Beta testing before release and it seems to have been constantly overlooked.

thanks in advance to when ever you guys deal with this.

Archived Post 06-05-2011 09:12 AM

I think there is some generally accepted wisdom that some of the effects of disruptors (Dhar Master etal) in PVE does not scale very well ... and that the effects at high levels just become "silly"

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