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Archived Post 06-07-2011 10:25 AM

the Tricorders ingame are kinda lacking... i dont think anybody will deny that? ^^

This thread is for the day the Dev's decide they want to revamp the Tricorders
(which would very well fit into the ground combat revamp, maybe somebody can even ninja some of this into Season 4?)


#1 the Tricorders ingame are out of date, Voyager/First Contact Tricorders,
even in the Series those Tricorders are outdated, the one used in Nemesis is the latest known Version

#2 the whole universe, including Romulans and Klingons use Federation Tricorders.
(yes i know it's just an emote, but it does not have to stay that way, does it?)

#3 since STO is not realy trying to sell the 2409 setting anymore, but takes Props from every Series, so everybody can roleplay whatever series they want...
i would think we need all Tricorders, starting with the TOS Tricorder (TOS-Bridge, -Ship, -Uniforms + TNG tricorder? mmmh... ? )

so, i will try now to find some GOOD resources on Tricorders:

here is a awesome Thread with MANY high quality pictures of Tricorders, many of them i have never even noticed before ^^

FED (Nemesis):
KDF Tricorder:
Romulan Tricorder:
Cardassian Tricorder (late DS9):
Ferengi Tricorder: http://startrektheauction.blogspot.c...trek-next.html

oh and i absolutely love this:

Archived Post 06-07-2011 10:38 AM

Tricorder update, Agreed!
I would agree that the Tricorders in game could use a bit of attention, and I understand that a lot of other updates and changes do take priority, but I'd suggest that perhaps just simple (emote) updating of the tricorder could be made.

Perhaps the ability to select your preferred tricorder at this time may be too much to ask, but at least updating the model within the emote/animation to a more (Nemesis-era) tricorder would be more appropriate for this late in the timeline. It seems like a reasonable update that wouldn't take too much time or resources to implement.

I also understand that the TNG/DS9/VOY version used would probably be the more commonly associated image of the ST:Tricorder that most people have in their mind. So the decision to use it in game over the Nemesis-era does make some sense. Even if it's a continuity mind-boggle at the same time. :p

Just my $0.02

Archived Post 06-07-2011 10:50 AM

I like this.

Also, there was a thread awhile back regarding upgrading our tricorders with components to make them versatile. I'd like to see enemy type and distance displayed, temperature, material composition, energy sources, etc.

Perhaps they can add a few minigames in with it.

It would be cool to have your tricorder have its own screen for you to tinker with it:

Archived Post 06-08-2011 08:09 AM

Klingons need their own unique looking tricorders, they currently use the Fed ones. And, the drones the engineers use shouldnt look the same as the Fed ones either.

Archived Post 06-08-2011 10:02 AM

I would actually like to see them make a new one. I mean, in 2409 holographic interfaces are all the rage. I would love a wrist watch style device that emits a hologram of a tricorder interface, you could then use the 'watch' to emit the navigation beam that it uses.

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