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Archived Post 06-09-2011 10:58 AM

ultimate federation tank
hello! I know that this discussion has been made lots of times before, but I'm again at that point, in which I don't know how to equip my ship anymore.
first let me talk about skills of my captain, I have all engineering skills at 9 level apart of starship weapon performance (VA rank). then I have all starship cruiser captain skills at 9 with eng team leader at 9, attack vectors at 4, combat manouvers and battle strategy at 9.
I'm running a star cruiser so I choosed star cruiser skill obviously.
on starship operations I raised at level 7 starship deflectors, emitters, deflector field and hazard emitters and I raised at 9 tetryon beam weapons with no points on torpedo skills chart.
well let's now discuss about equipment, first, all my equipment is MK XI RARE (blue) and my weapons are crafted on memory alpha so they are MK XI very rare (Purple). So take all this in mind so I'll don't specify the item rank every time I talk of it.
I put 8 single beam weapons and I'm using aegis set, that I found much better then breen set, but let me tell that all of this is just temporal solution in prevision to gain the borg set.
let's pass to consolles that's the real thing that is making me going crazy.
I tried to put 4 neutronium consolles and 2 neutronium with 2 monotanium, I tried to have an eps consolle with 3 neutronium or with one consolle field generator with 2 shield emitters, or an eps with 3 shield emitters, putting the shield power setting to 125 with the auxiliary at 50 (or a bit more), I tried to put 2 shield emitters with a monotanium\neutronium and an eps consolle, and I tried to use 4 neutronium or 4 monotanium using the set breen that substitute in part the eps console boost, so I tried allmost all possible options, but still! I have problems in tanking, especially in pvp, when I'm attacked by more then one ship I die faster then an escort ship. I have problems with boosting my shield...that's why I decided to use more armors to boost my ship resistance, but it seems it isn't a good idea, I think is best to tank using the shield, but I wonder how... :confused:

Archived Post 06-09-2011 10:58 AM

Run 2 copies of Emergency Power to shields 3, Aux to Sif 3 (if you can find it).

The EptS3 provide a shield power boost, regen and most important in this case, 30% damage reduction to your shields. Done right, you can have this power running the entire match.

The AuxtoSif3 provide additional resistances, as well as a hull heal, dependant on your Aux power. Possible run a Polarize hull to again get resistances.

Im typically running 74 or 77 out of 50 at all times on my shield power, so when I pop the Emergency Power to Shields, I get a +40 to my shield power. I can do this in either an assault cruiser, star cruiser or a galaxy refit.

As far as consoles go, can use 2 of the shield emiiters +7, maybe 2 Plasma Manifolds +7 to weapons as well.

Archived Post 06-09-2011 10:58 AM

umm AUX to sif 3 is almost impossible to be found, just as my reverse shield polarity 3, I found some BO on the exchange with RSP 3, but nothing about AUX to sif 3...however I don't think that having console for weapon power setting boost is a good choice if you want to tank...if you want to tank, you must sacrifice all your weapon power to improve your resistance...and survivability however shield emitters improves shield regeneration rate +13%, you are probably talking about field emitters, that improves shield power setting...

Archived Post 06-09-2011 10:58 AM

I tank quite well with running 3 of the weapons consoles and the EPS console. If it takes 4-5 people to overwhelm me in pvp, then I am doing my job :)

The biggest point is that those types of consoles give you extra power to their particular system, allowing you to adjust your initial power settings as needed, in order to get the maximum effect of your emergency powers.

If you are able to load up your shield powers so that you are running at 85 with consoles and power settings, then when you hit EPtS3, giving you the 30% damage reduction to sheilds, plus the +38-40 to shield power, means you are at 125, Being able to keep those powers up for the match is key to shield tanking.

The armors resistances affect what gets to the hull..which is fine. I personally find the ability to keep my weapons power up as high as possible better in order to throw more than a spitball at the opposing side and force them to attack me, allowing m to tank for my team.. but I am getting off topic. Oops! :)
Combine shield tanking part of the EptS3 along with the ability of the Aegis set to start stacking resitances on your shields, you should be getting to be tougher nut to crack.

Archived Post 06-09-2011 10:58 AM

trade some emblems for enough marks to get MK X covariant Capx3 shields, or the aegis set. 8 beams will keep your weapons energy at around 0 if you arenít running high levels of weapons power, which im guessing youíre not. Arm all the gimmick crap items like the breen mine torp, tractor mines, hargh pangs, and cronoton mines. energy weapons wonít do you much good with no weapons energy.

for engendering consoles get 1 +35 to shield cap console (you can only use 1!!!) use 1 neutronium armor (armor values have big diminishing returns, so more than 1 is a waist) and 2 SIF consoles, they buff your engineering team.

Your engineering powers should have 1 copy of Reverse shield polarity, and RSP III is sorta cheap on the exchange right now. Much cheaper than aux to struc III, and those are the only self healing/defence skills at commander so get one of them.

your LTCOM powers should be 1 copy of Engenering team III, buffed by the 2 SIF consoles should do like 12000 hull healing. The other should be aux to struc II, a very good heal every 15 seconds, especially with high aux.

your LT skills should be 2 copies of EPtS II, and your ENS skills should be 2 copies of EPtA I. you can chain 2 sets of EPt skills for 100% uptime on both if timed right.

Science consoles should be a mix of Halon and Induction Stabilizers . Science powers should be 1 transfer shield strength, 1 hazard emitter, and the LT skill should be feedback pulse, that can deter people shooting at you. Or a science team 2 instead of that for a good shield heal and debuff remover.

Tactical consoles should be the borg console and the defense turret if you have it. If not, anything else will do, doesnít matter youíre never going to deal much damage. Tactical powers should be tactical team to help distribute shields and attack pattern delta to debuff your attackers.

there, your invincible. have fun?

Archived Post 06-09-2011 10:58 AM

thanks I'll consider your hints and give them a try :)

Archived Post 06-09-2011 10:58 AM

once your skill improves, and you can use a build like that to survive just about anything, we can talk about altering the setup a bit so you can deal some damage

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