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Archived Post 06-09-2011 12:38 PM

My Deep Space Vessel Build
Ship: Deep Space Vessel

Science Team Leader: 7
Starship Command: 8
Starship Energy Weapons Training: 7
Starship Projectile Weapons Training: 7
Starship Engineering Training: 8
Starship Operations Training: 8
Scientific Practice: 7
Scientific Theory: 7

Science Vessel Captain: 7
Starship Beam Weapons: 7
Starship Torpedo Weapons: 7
Starship Auxiliary Systems Maintenance: 7
Starship Shield Maintenance: 7
Starship Weapon System Maintenance: 7
Starship Deflectors: 7
Starship Emitters: 7
Starship Sensors: 7
Scientist: 9

Research Science Vessel Captain: should I spend skills here?
Starship Phaser Weapon: 9
Starship Quantum Projectiles: 9
Starship Auxiliary Systems Efficiency: 9 (to get more when power setting is below 75, Emergency power to Aux BO skill)
Starship Energy Weapon Efficiency: 8 (to get more when power setting is below 75, Emergency power to weapons BO skill)
Starship Shield Efficiency: 7 (to get more when power setting is below 75, Extended Shields BO Skill)
Starship Deflector Dish: 9 (Tachyon Beam BO skill)
Starship Sensor Array: 9 (Sensor Scan Captain skill)
Starship Tractor Beam: 9 (Tractor BO skill)
Psychology: Planned to spend skills to get Medical Tricorder BO skill to train my fleet mates

Long Range Science Vessel Captain: 9
Starship Deflector Field: 9 (Transfer Shield Strength BO skill, Feed Back Pulse III to train my fleet mates)
Starship Hazard System (Polarize Hull and Hazard Emitters BO skills, Hazard Emitters III to train my fleet mates)

Deep Space Science Vessel Captain: 3 (so far)

Bridge Officers:

Science Cmdr.:
Feedback Pulse III
Transfer Shield Strength IIII
Hazard Emitters II
Tractor Beam I

Lt. Cmdr. Science:
Science Team III
Polarize Hull II
Tachyon Beam I

Lt. Engineering:
Transfer Shield 1
Emergency Power to Weapons 1

Ensin Engineering:
Emergency Power to Aux. 1

Lt. Tactical:
Torpedo High Yield II
Torpedo High Yield I

Systems (All systems are rare Mk X unless mentioned otherwise) :

Biofunction monitor (To prevent my crew death. I usually lose when I have no one left ) (uncommon module)
Induction Stabilizer (Transfer Shield, Dampening Field)
Halon System (Hazard and Polorize hull)
Gravitation Generator (Tractor Beam) (uncommon module)

EPS Flow
Booster Modulator (For Aux.)
Field Emitter (to heal shield fast before next engagement) or Plasma Distribution (weapon power)

Aegis Deflector, Shield and Engine

1. Did I do the right thing by investing points in Starship Starship Weapon System Maintenance skill and Starship Energy Weapon Efficiency?
2. I have agies engine. This seems a bit slow. Any fast engine recommendation at high impulse settings. I want to travel fast between star systems, and travel fast at max impulse?
3. Is Deflector Array better than Aegis deflector array?
4. What is the recommended power setting for me? When I travel, I keep my engines to 100% power setting. When I fight, my setting is:
67/55 (weapon)
85/80 (shield)
36/30 (engine)
68/35 (aux)

Archived Post 06-09-2011 12:38 PM

1. Yes if you are using power to weapons
2. Fast travel is borg engine. Id stick with ageis since you have the hole set.
3. Again Id go with ageis, you have the hole set. But only keep it if it fits your sci abilities.
4. Everyone has different setting. For me unless Im running a shield strip/torp set up then I always go 100 weapon power.

A few other things, that Sci team 3 isnt as good as your tss3, you could get great hull heal with a hazard emitter 3. And then a sci team 1 or 2. Im also assuming that transfer shield you have listed is really extend shield. If it was me Id drop the power to weapons go 100 weapon power, and pick up a Eng team 1.

Also, that bio function console is not doing you anything. Crew as of right now means nothing. Nothing at all. And maybe grind some emblems and get the console to boost shields by a %

Archived Post 06-09-2011 12:38 PM

I have a suggestion. I use a similar setup in C&H but on a Nebula-R. It's extremely hard to take down. If it were me I'd focus your Tac officer on something like Beam: Target Engines 2 or Beam: Target Shields 2. Possibly couple that with BFAW I. I'd also drop Tachyon beam for CPB. I suggested 2 copies of Emergency Power to Shields because you can chain them and keep them going all the time. On the other hand, if you feel like running a higher shield power and minimum Auxiliary you can always switch both those copies to EPTA I. If you max your efficiency and performance in Auxiliary that should give you a power level of about 90 (thereabouts) if you run the minimum allowable Aux setting of 25. On my Nebula-R I run 114 to weapons, 106 to shields, 51 to engines and 90 to Auxiliary. I actually use 2 engineers and chain dual EPTS 2 and dual EPTA 1 to keep them up all the time. This setup below should allow you to run a good Aux and shield power setting. It will also allow you to set your weapons to maximum power. Perfect for taking a beating and giving some back.

Bridge Officers:

Science Cmdr.:
Feedback Pulse III
Transfer Shield Strength IIII
Science Team II
Hazard Emitters I

Lt. Cmdr. Science:
CPB II (I prefer Photonic Shockwave BUT you could go Gravity Well or Scramble Sensors here)
Science Team II
Hazard Emitters I or Tractor Beam I

Lt. Engineering:
Aux to Structural I

Ensign Engineering:

Lt. Tactical:
Beam Target Engines II or Beam Target Shields II or BFAW II

Have fun!

Archived Post 06-09-2011 12:38 PM

As someone who avidly uses FBP to the best of my ability (see: my sig), I might be able to offer some advice:

1) Ditch the Biofunction. While you may think you lose when your crew is at 0, it actually does nothing. Put an Induction Stabilizer in it's place - it'll help you a LOT more.
2) You are definitely going to want at least 1 EPtS 1 for your Eng. Since you're going to try and draw aggro (in order for your FBP to actually do anything)
3) Pick up Attack Pattern Delta. You want as much -Res on your enemies as possible.

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