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Archived Post 06-16-2011 02:14 PM

Joined Trill boffs for KDF
So apparently the new Caitian and Aenar boffs were taken off cstore as KDF players could buy them but of course not use them. Also it seems the Aenar engineer boff comes with the rare and valued skill Auxiliary to structural integrity field 3.

So how about you add Joined Trill boffs to the Cstore for feds and KDF that come with rare skills like TSS3 and ASIF3? To differentiate these boffs from ordinary Trill and make them worth buying they should of course have the 'Joined' trait like player JTs.

Joined Trill because apparently KDF cstore items don't sell well, but JTs are both Fed and KDF so you can sell Fed and KDF ones with little issue.

They should probably also be made available in game somehow.

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