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Archived Post 06-17-2011 01:40 AM

[Suggestion] Galaxy class refit nacelle option
During DS9, when we saw galaxy class ships, some of them had the extra phaser array on the warp nacelles that the Galaxy-X had (this was due to the original studio model been modified for the last TNG episode). Would it be possable to give player the ability to select the Galaxy-X nacelle for the Galaxy refit (Like the different Excelsior class nacelle options)? This would be a good way to differenciate between the regular and refit versions as well and shouldn't be to hard to implement as the art assets are already in the game.

You can see what I mean in the image below from Memory Alpha :-

Galaxy class modified nacelles

Archived Post 06-18-2011 10:32 AM

I would already be happy if the Galaxy -X and -R could get at least the ship parts the Tier 4 galaxy has. (Celestial and Envoy althrough i am not the biggest fan of them, it would be awesome to mix and match those parts with the monarch IMHO)

And yes, the "Venture" nacelles would be also nice to have, since they are (just like the things i mentioned above) already in the game. :)

Live long and prosper.

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