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Thoron distortion field?

What is the Thoron distortion field and what dose it do? and the same question in regards to re-active shielding.

I'm assuming these are components and if I'm right how do I obtain them?


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The Thoron Distortion Field is a Set Bonus of the Aegis set (When you've equipped 2 pieces on the same ship). It Gives you a slight bonus to your defense whilst moving. Basically, when in combat, as long as your ship is moving, you get a slight defensive bonus.

The Reactive Shielding is a Set Bonus. (Again, Aegis) which activates when you have all pieces equipped. While your shields are on, your ship gets the passive ability "Reactive Shielding," which grants you a stacking defense bonus against a specific type of energy weapon. If you are fighting Klingons, or Romulans, you will get a stacking defense buff against Disruptor Damage. It stacks all the way to 10, but only affects your ship's hull (as far as I know) meaning as long as your shields are up, not much is happening.

The Aegis set is a craftable group of items, but if you don't have max crafting skill, it can be difficult to obtain. If this is the case, I recommend you ask someone to do it for you, or ask a member in your fleet (assuming you have one).

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Copy-pasted from STOWiki's Aegis page:


While moving the Thoron Distortion Field will grant a +15 bonus defense by deceiving sensors into targeting duranium shadows.
Full article.

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