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Archived Post 06-17-2011 09:26 PM

Foundry Series Begins
Hey everyone I began a series on the Foundry with the first episode doing pretty good which started last week. That episode was called "Forsaken Odyssey" go check it out if you like. The second episode has been posted today called "The Ties That Bind Us" It's pretty much a non combat mission where you have to settle a dispute. The episode list is listed right below.


Episode 1: Forsaken Odyssey
Warning this mission story may not make much sense because these are my main villians for now so the story will be explained in another episode.

Episode 2: The Ties That Bind Us
This is a non combat style mission so I hope everyone likes it.

Please check out my missions and rate them for me since I do the same for as many people as I can. One again thank you for playing my missions.

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