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Archived Post 06-18-2011 07:22 AM

Time to be Inclusive...
A thought occurred to me this morning that I think has some merit for those of us who play KDF pretty much exclusively in the game.

Many of us have a sort of elitist mindset to some degree -- yes, we are open and accomodating to those who have embraced the Klingon Path, but we also tend to look down on the Federation players for a number of reasons. Although we complain, some of us actually take pride in being a minority faction in the game. That makes us unique. That makes us a private club in some respects. There is nothing wrong with that, but I think that those of us who belong to this club need to pause a moment and consider the opportunity that is before us with Season 4, and the potential positive impact it is going to have on our faction.

I just read a post by Mr. Stahl that I thought was great. He was replying to another post that asks why a player who only likes PvE would want to roll a KDF character in Season 4. Here is his response:


first - you'll want to read this...

I think it is a great time to roll a Klingon in Season 4. The new Qo'noS gives a solid new starting location and bump to the KDF faction through small neighborhood missions. We are releveling Klingon access to episodes so that there is a clearer path through the episodes that are there. New ground combat is awesome and makes PVP fun (I know my Gorn is enjoying it).

There are new events coming in Season 4. New types of Ground Fleet Actions. Updated End Game Loot and STF improvements. Better access to Fleet Actions via Queues. New Feature Episodes that will be playable by the KDF are incoming. Duty Officer system is on its way with KDF specific assignments. And KDF are getting new ship variants soon too in Season 4.

So yea... I think if someone asked me, "Should I roll a Klingon toon?" - I would say - wait until Season 4 launches!

Given the fact that my team is small and that we have to get the biggest bang for our buck with what we do make, I think I'm finding compelling ways to improve the KDF faction while continuing to provide content for everyone.

If you don't think there is enough fun to be had for players who want to roll a Klingon, then that is your opinion. But maybe you are just one opinion out of many potential Klingons. At the end of the day the statistics will show if it helped or not.

Its quite possible that some KDF players will never be happy until they get their own Klingon-centric game.

Poor Romulan fans are groaning right now...
As I read this, it occurred to me that those of us who play Klingons in the game have an opportunity to shine when Season 4 launches. We are more organized, more helpful, and downright more friendly that most of the Federation player base. Based on the changes I see coming in Season 4, I do not think that there is any intention to merge the two factions -- and I also don't think that the War is going to end -- there might be some interesting missions where we have to team with the Feds out of sheer mutual survival...but such pairings are temporary (note - that is speculation on my part, but I do think it is accurate). To be honest...those types of missions could be sort of cool -- a sort of situation where two enemies must unite in order to achieve a specific goal...and at the end of the mission, they part ways, knowing that the next time they meet it will be with weapons blazing. I think I have seen a few Star Trek episodes that embrace this theme.

We are going to have open PvP in former Federation sectors. Actually.."semi-open" is probably a better term for it...but still...that all by itself is a nod to the KDF. It makes us more relevant as a faction -- that one item alone makes us matter in the game....and I think that when Season 4 goes live and those Fed players are transiting a sector and they see a KDF Raider Fleet swooping down on a Federation some of those minds a singular thought is going to occur...and that thought will be:

"I want to be like THOSE guys.....

Another thing to consider -- our "homebase" is going to be radically different, new, and fun. It is something that the Federation side just does not have. It is rare and unique in the game. That is going to attract players left and right.

My point is this -- we are going to have an influx of new KDF players with Season 4. Our community can use this next update as a powerful recruiting tool. When Season 4 goes live, we can schedule a weekend of fleet events and -- through the forums -- make it known that new KDF players can join with us and see what it is like to carry a disruptor and a Bat'leth. Individual KDF players can make a point of being online and acting as friendly advisors giving tips in the chat channel -- ship strengths and weaknesses, the limitations and strengths of the Battle cloak, Carrier tactics and operations, Klingon PvP tactics, showing folks were stuff is, etc. We can take groups of newbies on tours of KDF space and the few bases we possess. We can put together groups to go into Pi Canis and do the dailies there.

If we can generate enough interest in the faction, we will gain members. I believe that the most powerful thing that we have as a faction is our play environment. I have heard several new players comment in Qo'nos how helpful the KDF side is, and how different the "tone" and environment we have -- in a positive way -- is from Earth Space Dock.

To get the ball rolling, I would encourage individuals and fleets to reach out to the Federation community initially through the forums. Let those potential Klingon recruits know that if they choose to try out a Klingon charactor with season 4, or even just pick up where they left off if they have one that has been sitting there because of difficulty leveling, that we are there to help and assist. Of course, the ironic thing is that we will be learning where the new stuff is in First City as well...but hey -- that can be fun too! We can explore it together. :)

Perhaps it is time for us to be more inclusive of the other player base - not as an ally, or as a merged faction, or anything of the sort -- but rather view them as future KDF Lieutenants fresh out of the Academy. We can take those that can see past their ingrained prejudices and bring them under our wing.

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Lol, funny timing indeed. I just started a "welcome wagon" thread for anyone new and willing to try the red faction. I can only agree with what you posted. Let's welcome these new players and help them ease into this great faction. Offer assistance, open up your fleet and turn them into passionate member of the Klingon Empire!

Archived Post 06-18-2011 08:09 AM

Let's not lose sight of reality however. Dstahl's commentary didn't really help with the question that it was trying to answer.

Let's try to remember that from a PVE standpoint, the faction has huge holes in it. And season 4 is not addressing those holes effectively.

Let's look at season 4's content for the KDF:

- New staring city. With new starter missions.

This isn't all that helpful for the overall problem of the KDF. Your Klingon toon already starts halfway through the starter levels.Smoothing out the process of Lt. 5 to Lt. Commander 1 is ... not doing much for the faction. Because the big holes in PVE content are later in the process. Getting from Lt. Commander 1 to General, where at end-game the content actually matches for both factions.

- New Gorn.

Something that was slated for last year. And is just a cosmetic change to something that already exists and has nothing to do with the levelling issue.

- New ship skins

But no new ships. And also not something that has anything to do with the levelling process.

- The PVP you can now do in opened up space.

Something that would have been welcomed with open arms and cheers last year, before PVP got gutted by a few serious bugs and lack of dev attention over the past year. That being said, this is also not that helpful for the levelling gap in PVE as it's much more helpful for PVP.

- Fleet Actions.

I think everyone needs to play a fleet action on the KDF side to truly understand how useless a change this is. Queues? For content that no one can complete with any regularity because of level banding, low population, and the design of the encounters? Setting aside the fact that queues are going to be a bad move for the FED side on fleet actions ... there's no point to fleet actions on the KDF side in the first place. This change really just demonstrates a disconnect between development and the KDF faction on a basic level if it is being presented as something helpful for the KDF levelling problem.

- New Feature Episodes

Yes. These help. In fact the KDF levelling process I would say hinges on being able to repeat and repeat and repeat Feature Episodes. So more of these help. A lot.

- Updated End-Game Loot and STF improvements

These do not help the levelling process at all. They are end-game content. So while one may appreciate the effort, presenting the effort in the context of "why a player who only likes PVE would roll a Klingon" ... or more accurately, what is being done to smooth out the PVE levelling process ... isn't very helpful. In short, thanks for more effective Mk XI PURPLES, but the problem the KDF has is GETTING THERE.

- Duty Officers

This one's hard for me to comment on since I've read a lot of the dev posts on what this is and still don't grasp what it's all about. I need to actually play the system and see the mechanics at work. I'm still unsure of how the Duty Officer system will be played, at its most basic, so don't have any idea on how it will help a person level through PVE. It might, but from what I've read it came across as a side feature. And not something you use to level with. If that's the case, it's really not addressing the issue the KDF faces either. But like I said, I could be way wrong on this.

So ... in conclusion ... yeah, there's some stuff in season 4 for Klingons. But other than a couple of early on missions which is the one area the KDF basically gets to skip unlike the federation, there's nothing really addressing the problem of levelling in PVE. The big gaping hole in the faction. The problem people have been asking about since beta. The huge difference in content available to go from level 10 to 51 on the fed side, that has about a dozen missions or so to use on the Klingon side.

Thanks for open PVP. That'll let some people seriously vent their frustrations. But ... the levelling gap is still there.


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Originally Posted by superchum (Post 3599179)
Let's not lose sight of reality however. Dstahl's commentary didn't really help with the question that it was trying to answer.

Let's try to remember that from a PVE standpoint, the faction has huge holes in it. And season 4 is not addressing those holes effectively.

But... but... new Gorn outfits! GORN!!!!!

Archived Post 06-18-2011 08:31 AM

Yes you are all welcome aboard. Be sure to team up with a veteran KDF to make the grind a bit faster.

But Superchum, PF, and red_shirt have laid it out pretty well, there still a lot of gaps and unfulfilled promises that need to completed before the Klingon side is a complete faction.

And to Staalker. Will S4 qualify?

Archived Post 06-18-2011 09:01 AM

To the OP: You are right. Season four will likely bring in an influx of new blood to the Empire. And it will be our job, as KDF Players, be them like you, who are KDF exclusive, or like me, who were once solely fed and came to embrace the warrior way, to help them embrace what it is to be klingon, to ease that grind, to help them become an active member in the faction. So they stay.

it's been mentioned that the current additions to the KDF are mostly fluff, and fluff will only bring tourists. Well It's our job to make sure the tourists decide they never wanna go back home.

Archived Post 06-19-2011 02:19 AM

...or at least visit regularly and make a difference to the statistics that seem to decide what changes and improves on the KDF side...if ever.

Archived Post 06-19-2011 02:49 AM

Honor to your house! ("quv Daq lIj tuq")
The Klingon Empire will be made strong again. I look forward to the day when my battlecruiser can take the fight to the Alpha quadrant!

I originally was against the idea of Starfleet joining our ranks because I feared that they would use it as an exploit of our resources and our manpower. (Often people have tried to pursuade me to join Starfleet! Such dishonor!)

But I am an old Klingon, and times have changed. I must give way to new ideas and new approaches to win this war and reclaim our birthright! I must therefore support the OP.

Archived Post 06-19-2011 03:06 AM

Everyone starts out as a 'n00b' in a game, or a faction.

But everyone who starts out needs a chance to learn how to better himself.
We must lead by example, challenge them to better themselves and show them how.

And if they fail in one area or the other, clap them on the shoulder and encourage them.
I'm sure not even Kahless himself would have been such a great warrior without some really good teachers.

So, while they might need to respect those who know more, we must respect them as well for what they might achieve given enough practice and help.
It's how the Empire will be strong.

Maybe some kind of "KDF for Dummies" on the forums would help a lot as well.

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Originally Posted by ZTempest
"I want to be like THOSE guys.....

This really hits home with me, because back in the days of nothing but FvK, when I was a wee commander...

I tried PVP!

My build was so inefficient :(

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