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science Tactical cruiser build
My sci alt is going to become a va soon anyone know a good build, i plan to use a sov and i have maxed crafting so i can make anything craftable and around 100000 eces for gear. also im putting around 6000 points in ground so count those not available.

oh and btw im using the aiges set and i wont change


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Like Superlink and his postings, you need to take this question to a more specific area of the forums.

Federation Shipyards - in your case

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*gives the thread a good push*
There, that should help!

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I am a Science Captain with a Tactical Cruiser.

I'm trying to recall my build from memory but for the most part I tend to just use what feels right.

I should start with power levels. I always keep at least 50 in my Engines at any time and use the power presets to priorities Weapons, Shields, Engines, or a Hybrid Weapon,shield powerset.

I know I use the complete Aegis Set.

For weapons I used 3 Phaser arrays fore and aft. I also have 1 Chroniton Torpedo Fore and Aft.

My Boffs Currently have

Tac- High Yield Torp 1, Fire at Will 2
Tac- Tactical Team
Sci - Polarize Hull, Energy Siphon
Eng - Engineering Team, Extend shields, Rotate Shield Freq, Boarding Party
Eng - Emergency Power to Shields, Reverse Shield Polarity, Emergency power to Structural Integrity, (Eject Warp Plasma, I swap this Boff out for the one with Boarding Parties when I feel like playing with this power)
Eng - Emergency Power to Shields

Tac - 3 Phaser Relays
Science - Random Stuff. I generally just go with Crew Resistance Consoles like the Biofuntion Monitor
Eng - EPS power flow relay, 2x Neitronium Hull, Monotanium Alloy

This build works well for me. there are certainly places where you might make changes to make your own build. Some powers, such as Boarding Party, I generally not well liked by most people but it's just something I like. You also might prefer to have a different Sceince skill loadout or replace the Ensign Eng skill with a second Engineering Team.

The new Tactical Team is a lifesaver for the Assault Cruiser. Automatically diverting shield power seems almost over powered at times. Keep your speed up so you can position yourself to help your team mates.

Also Be sure to hit the Auxilary power to SIF whenever you get a little hull damage. It provides extra resistance and a HoT for 10 seconds and has a 15 second recharge. You can almost keep it up constantly if you wanted to. Don't be wed to it though. If you aren't taking much damage you are just distracting yourself keeping it on.

Polorise Hull is another power you can rock if you want to. It's great when fighting against anything with Tractor Beams.

BFAW Is a great all around power. It does alot of DPS and more importantly It's your "Taunt" You will get enemies attention very quickly.

You may also want to consider swaping out the Energy Siphon for Feedback Pulse if you don't want the extra energy from the siphon. You have alot of survivability and if you can get the enemies attention with BFAW you are going to have alot of things shooting at you. Feedback Pulse supliments BFAW extremely well.

Extend Shields is extremely useful in Team fights. I think it has been nerfed at some point since launch but it is still extremely useful. If you fly Solo more often you might want to swap it out as it's uses while solo is extremely limited..

Archived Post 06-22-2011 12:19 PM

PvE? PvP? Do you want to be more a healer or more a damage guy?

Weapons: 6-8 Beams of your favorite energy type (most economical is Phaser or Disruptor), fill the rest with quantum torpedoes or Hargh'Pen torps probably.

  • Engineering "Mandatory": The Shield Capacity Console (I can't keep its name straight)
  • Engineering (Healer): The consoles that boost starship hull repair, probably one EPS Flow Regulator
  • Engineering (DPS): 2 Consoles boosting Weapons Power, probably still one EPS Flow Regulator
  • Science: Halon or Deflector Field Console to boost Science Healing skills
  • Tactical: Whatever boosts your energy type or beams.

Bridge Officers
  • Tactical:
    • Ensign: Tactical Team I
    • Lieutenant (DPS): Beam Fire At Will I, Beam Fire At Will II (note: if you go with this in PvP, you will get complains as BFAW is currently basically broken and considered OP, and it's often bad form to use it.
    • Lieutenant (DPS/Burst): High Yield Torpedo I, Beam Overload II
    • Lieutenant (Heal/Burst]: Tactical Team I, High Yield Torpedo II
    • Lieutenant (Other): Mix any skills named above and figure out what works for you. You can also try the Beam Target Subsystem skills
  • Engineering:
    • Commander (Healer): Emergency Power to Shields I, Auxiliary to Structural Integrity Field I, Engineering Team III, Extend Shields
    • Commander (DPS): Emergency Power to Weapons I, Emergency Power to Shields II, Directed Energy Modulation II, Directed Energy Modulation II
    • Commander (Control/DPS): Emergency Power to Shields, Auxiliary to Dampeners I, Engineering Team III, Eject Warp Plasma
    • Lt.Cmdr (Healer) Emergency Power to Shields, Reverse Shield Polarity, Engineering Team III
    • Lt.Cmdr (DPS): Emergency Power to Weapons I, Emergency Power to Shields II, Engineering Team III
  • Science
    • Lieutenant (Healer I): Hazard Emitters I, Transfer Shield Strength
    • Lieutenant (Healer II): Science Team I, Hazard Emitters II
    • Lieutenant (Healer): Science Team I, Transfer Shield Strength II
    • Lieutenant (Control/DPS): Tractor Beam, Polarize Hull

That are at least some ideas and should give you something to experiment it. I think some core things to consider:

More than 2 [xxx] Team skills means you run into shared or global cooldowns. That doesn't mean you shouldn't do it at all, but it means there are certain tactical "risks" when using those powers. Generally, Tactical Team + any Shield Heal is always a neat combination.

Emergency Powers - you can run two of the same type to get 100 % uptime. You can run 4 different Emergency Powers at most (requiring never more than two of one energy type).

Shield Resistances are important to make your life easy in PvE and are an absolute must in PvP if you don't want to be a soft target that doesn't last long enough to contribute in any way.

Extend Shields only works if you got a group, but then it works very well. Remember, shield resistances are important.

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