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-Vengeance- is recruiting!
Are you looking for experience? Companionship? Reliability?

Vengeance has all that. We are a well-established fleet spanning from a multi-game community. Most of our players have been here since beta, so we've seen and lasted through many changes.

Other things you should know:

-we have a Klingon "sister fleet" that Vengeance players are welcome to join; now is a good time to start (or dust off) your KDF character, with a fleet to back you up!

-we have a full fleet bank with varying levels of equipment and crafting supplies available to fleet members; we are also willing to help you gear up if you need to.

-we are involved in all aspects of the game (PvE, PvP, STFs, Fleet Actions); we have a PvP night (as well as a Klingon PvP night) on a regular basis, and there are some RPers among us if you are interested in that!

-we have a clan Ventrilo server, as well as forums & website. We're a multi-game clan, so chances are if you play it so do we!

If this sounds like the fleet for you, look us up! You can mail or /tell Spencer@skipenguin in-game for more information, or to request a fleet invite!

Welcome aboard!

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small bump. hope that's okay.

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